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Winning with Amazon Influencers: Tips for Finding the Best

Over 37% of Amazon traffic comes from Amazon influencers. Also, the average influencer marketing ROI for every dollar spent is $6.50.

This makes Amazon influencer marketing a top choice for sellers seeking to drive more sales and gain visibility amongst the 9.7 million (crazy right) worldwide Amazon sellers. 

The truth is, there are tons of Amazon influencers out there, but how do you find the best fit for your business needs?

In this blog post, we run through everything you need to know on how to find Amazon influencers and their storefronts and the top ten Amazon influencers you can begin with. 

So, let’s jump right in!

What are Amazon Influencers, and How Do I Find One?

Amazon influencers are social media personalities who recommend and promote products through the Amazon Influencer Program and earn a commission on sales generated.

They drive external traffic product listing leading to more visibility and potential sales.

Platforms Amazon influencers recommend their products include:

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Amazon Live
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Usually, after applying to the Amazon Influencer Program, eligible creators get their Amazon Influencer storefront—a customizable landing page showcasing a curated selection of recommended products. Here’s an example.

Amazon storefront example

Amazon storefront example

How To Find Amazon Influencers

There are tons of Amazon influencers you could work with, but you need to search for those who align with your business needs.

 Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have an influencer search bar or list of contacts to pick from. 

And leaving it to chance, thinking that an influencer will find and promote your product (because they get paid by Amazon rather than you) is a bit remiss.

So, here are six ways you can find Amazon influencers for your eCommerce products today.

1. Check Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a part of Amazon’s brand marketing solution, where you can find influencers easily. 

To find Influencers this way, follow the steps below.

Step one: Visit Amazon on your browser and click the All icon (highlighted in the image below).

How to find an Amazon influencer

Step two: Scroll down to programs and features and select Amazon Live.

How to find an Amazon influencer

Step three: Select live (you can also check recently live).

How to find an Amazon influencer

Step four: Browse all the different options.

How to find an Amazon influencer
From here, you’ll see different Amazon live influencers based on different shopping categories and niches. Browse through them, and check out their storefronts and social media profiles (you can do this by clicking on the social media icons on their storefront). 

Finally, decide if they are a perfect fit for your brand.

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2. Browse the #FoundItOnAmazon feature

To find Amazon influencers this way, go to Amazon on your browser, enter the hashtag #founditonamazon on the search bar, and browse the options available.

How to find an Amazon Influencer

This feature lets you quickly find Amazon Influencer storefronts and their listed favorite product. Also, you can highlight the product category you are looking for to narrow your search.

How to find an Amazon influencer

3. Search influencer marketplaces and platforms

These platforms take the work off your plate and connect you quickly with vetted influencers you can work with. 

In addition, these platforms give you an overview of their following, engagements, stats, and what niche they specialize in. Plus, you can contact these influencers (for a fee) to partner with them and feature your product on their storefront. 

Different examples of influencer marketing platforms exist, from generic ones like Intellifluence and Modash to more specialized platforms for Amazon influencers like Referazon and Levanta.

They allow you to track affiliate performance, generate custom reports and manage commissions seamlessly.

The downside, however, is you’ll have to pay a fee to access these platforms. But it’s one of the easiest ways to find an Amazon influencer.

How to find an Amazon influencer
Source: Levanta website

4. Use relevant hashtags to find Amazon influencers on social media

Social media remains a popular place to find Amazon influencers to work with. All you need do is search hashtags related to your niche or products. Then see what pops out and who is getting a lot of traction on their pages for that topic. 

Second, check out their profiles and how they engage and interact with their audience. Also, check if they are linked to Amazon. If they are not, but you like to work with them, you can encourage them to sign up for the Amazon Influencer program.  

Before you talk to them about partnering with you to promote your product, engaging with them, liking, and commenting on their post to build familiarity with them is best. This helps them know and warm up to work with you when you eventually ask.

Use hashtags like #amazoninfluencer, #amazonassociates, #amazoninfluencerprogram, #amazonambassador, and #amazoninfluencerstore to get started.

For instance, different profiles pop up when you search for #amazoninfluencer on Instagram, as shown in the image below.

How to find an Amazon influencer

5. Find Amazon influencers on Fiverr

Fiverr is top on the list of where brands find influencers to work with. You can check for Amazon influencers on Fiverr in these simple steps. 

First, head over to Fiverr on your browser. Then enter “Amazon Influencers” in the search bar, and a list will appear.

How to find an Amazon influencer

On Fiverr, you’ll see their ratings, reviews, pricing, and niche so you can decide on the influence to partner with. 

Fiverr also allows you to pay per project or when a task is completed and is an excellent option if you are on a finite budget.

6. Find an influencer by defining your target audience

When it comes to influencer marketing, you need to understand who your target audience is and the kind of people they follow.

For example, if you sell kid toys or kitchen utensils, there’s a high chance 90% of your ideal audience will be moms. Which brings us back to the question; who is your ideal audience?

When you’ve found your target audience, check out the influencers they follow and engage with. This gives you an idea of influencers you should consider partnering with. 

Now that you have found some options based on influencers your target audience resonates with, streamline your search. Use factors like social media platforms they are active on (check if that social platform is best for marketing your product), their marketing style, and values. You can then decide on influencers you should work with.

Super easy, right?

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You’ve Found Some Amazon Influencers. What Next?

If you searched for an Amazon influencer through the abovementioned ways, you’d most likely be overwhelmed with many options to decide from. But, well, it doesn’t end there.

Only some influencers on your search list fit your business perfectly. So you need a checklist that reflects what you are looking for. Before making the final call on an Amazon associate to work with, here are things you should consider.

1. Your budget. Most Amazon influencers charge premium fees to promote products in their storefronts even though they earn a commission from Amazon. Consider their fees and ensure it aligns with your budget.

2. Social media following and engagement. Although this is considered a vanity metric, it is crucial for Amazon marketing. So check for their followers and engagement and be sure they can deliver on the goals you are contracting them for. 

 3. Work ethic and values. Do their work ethics and values align with your business or personal brand? Do you like how they promote and recommend products on their storefronts or other social media platforms? 

Although a bit of a healthy compromise is encouraged, working with an influencer your goals and values align with is best.

4. Campaign structure and content type. This will significantly impact the choice of influencer you work with. For example, do you want blog features, social media campaigns, video content, or storefront recommendations? Then decide on an influencer that offers what you want. 

5. Duration of work. Are you searching for long-term or short-term partnerships? Also, consider if you’ll contract yourself or work with an agency to get an influencer.

6. Influencer social media platform. A few influencers are big on major social media platforms, while many others streamline their efforts to just one or two. Now, based on your product, you’ll need to decide on the platform with more significant potential to generate traffic and sales and decide on an influencer that’s big on that platform.

7. What’s your goal? Are you in to generate external traffic, drive sales or build brand awareness? Whichever the case, have your goals at the top of your mind when deciding on an influencer to work with. 

After considering all the factors above, you’d be left with a streamlined list of influencers to decide on.

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Top Reasons to Work with Amazon Influencers

The benefits of working with an Amazon influencer speak for themselves. However, here are a few of such benefits. 

  • Reach visibility and sales goals: Shopping on Amazon can be daunting for first-timers due to the swath of products and services thrown in every direction. Amazon influencers are navigators that turn shoppers to your product direction before they get swayed from the many options. This is why brands who want targeted visibility and to reach sales goals invest in influencer marketing.
  • Reach new markets without initial resistance: Amazon influencers quickly help your products reach new markets due to their significant following and engagement. Also, because their audience already likes and trusts them, they will readily buy from them compared to if you’re trying to build a new marketing and sales channel from the ground up.
  • User-generated content: Influencers usually use the products they recommend and then create post ideas and content around it. User-generated content like this serves as a product review and product value highlight. Also, influencer marketers are creative with their post ideas and can create trends that skyrocket your sales.
  • Improve Amazon Bestseller rank: The bestseller rank on Amazon triggers the algorithm in your favor. With this, you’ll get more visibility, product reach, and sales. 

That’s not all. Here’s an exciting influencer marketing success story you should know. 

Brian Meert and Maricia Magana share their success story on how Amazon influencers and branding took their business from nothing in sales to about $ 1 million year-over-year sales revenue in just two years. In Brian Meert’s words,

Amazon influencers are Wildcards, they are talking, and people already trust them. All their friends and all the people that follow them already trust them, so all you have to do is get a product into their hands and give them a buzz to work with you; you never know how far that can take you.

Check out the full story in this YouTube video:


Top 10 Amazon Influencers You Can Begin With

Need a curated list of Amazon influencers to begin with? Then, we’ve got you covered! 

Here are the top 10 Amazon influencers to have on your radar.

1. Brandi Milloy

Amazon storefront: Brandi Milloy 

Niche: Mom products, Food, kid toys, Lifestyle

Website: Brandi Miloy

Top Amazon influencers

Brandi Milloy is a United States macro-influencer with over 57K followers on Instagram, 13K+ subscribers on Youtube, and 66K followers on Facebook.

Her style is luxury. Also, she promotes kid’s gift ideas, postpartum kits for new moms, and easy recipes. So contact her if your audience falls within any of the above categories.

2. Shea Whitney

Amazon storefront: Shea Whitney Style

Niche: Fashion, Electronics, Perfumes

Website: Shea Whitney

Amazon influencer
Shea Whitney is a mega influencer with over 1.3 million subscribers on Youtube, 239K followers on Instagram, and 497K on Facebook. Her style is a combination of classy and luxury. 

People who seek classy fashion wear, health products, and electronics visit Shea Whitneys Amazon storefront for curated picks. If your products fall among those categories, you can contact her to get started.

3. Trisha Hershberger

Amazon storefront: Trisha Hershberger

Niche: Tech, Gaming

Website: https://www.trishahershberger.com/

Amazon influencer

Trisha is a macro-influencer with 145K+ Youtube subscribers, over 736K followers on Facebook, and 177K followers on Instagram. She has worked on Sourcefed, Newegg, and Kingston Technology.  

She is a valuable influencer for gaming and tech brands. Her content focuses on tech equipment reviews and recommendations via her videos. Therefore, she is an excellent choice if your company focuses on Tech and Gaming.

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4. Ashley Marques

Amazon storefront: Teach Create Motivate

Niche: Education, Lifestyle, Beauty 

Website: Teach Create Motivate

Amazon influencer

Are you looking for an Amazon associate passionate about teaching, education, and kids?  And yes, one who does it cleanly and positively, Ashley Marques to the rescue.

With over 298K followers on Instagram and 51K on Facebook, she’s a macro-influencer you should work with. 

In addition, she has a classroom management academy. People follow her to stay on trend in education, learning techniques, and tools. Therefore she’s an excellent choice if your product caters to this audience.

5. Holland Smith

Amazon storefront: Holland Paterno

Niche: Fashion

Website: https://www.hollandpaterno.com/links

Top Amazon influencers
Holland Smith is a macro Amazon influencer with over 102K followers on Instagram, 129.8K followers on TikTok, and 1.4K followers on Pinterest.

She is niched to fashion influencing alone (which makes her unique). 

Her storefront is organized and well-structured. You can find her recommendations on ‘fashion must-haves’ every Monday. You could try her out if your fashion brand is classy yet affordable.

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6. Felicia Day

Amazon Storefront: Felicia Day

Niche: Baby books, Toys


Top Amazon influencersFelicia Day is a mega influencer with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 1.5 million followers on Facebook, and 2.5 million followers on Twitter. 

As an Amazon influencer, Felicia promotes products and toys for kids. Therefore, if your products target moms and you need a mega influencer to promote them, you should have Felicia Day on your radar.

7. Justin Braun

Amazon storefront: Justin Braun

Niche: Automobile parts, Off-road supplies, and more

Website: http://jbmfg.net/

Top Amazon influencers
Justin is a micro-influencer with 16K followers on Instagram, 27.7K subscribers on YouTube, 21.7K followers on TikTok, and 8K followers on Facebook. 

He brings adventure and fun into his influencer content and promotes products within the travel, off-road supply, and automobile niche in his videos.

8. Jalissa Queen

Amazon storefront: Jalissa Queen

Niche: Fashion, Beauty, Photography

Website:  jalissaqueen.com 

Top Amazon influencers
Jalissa Queen is a micro-influencer with 16K followers on Instagram, 1.5K followers on Facebook, and 1.27K subscribers on Youtube. Fans gather around her brand to get first-hand reviews about products and tools in the fashion, photography, and technology industries.

 9. Justin Sunseri

Amazon storefront: JustinLMFT

Niche: Trauma, Mental health, Healing

Website: Justin LMFT

Top Amazon influencers
Justin Sunseri is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in trauma, mental health, and parenting education.

He is a micro-influencer with 1.23K subs on Youtube and 19.5K followers on Instagram. So, if your target audience belongs to the listed category, Justin is the perfect Amazon affiliate for your business needs.

10. What’s Up Moms

Amazon storefront: What’s Up Moms

Niche: Parenting, Kids’ toys, Kitchen tools

Website: https://whatsupmoms.com/

Top Amazon influencersWhat’s Up Moms has over 3.65 million subscribers on YouTube, 122K followers on Instagram, 600K on Facebook, and 23K on Pinterest. But, as YouTube’s #1 parenting network, their recommendations and promotions usually carry weight before their audience. 

Therefore, it is an excellent influencer option if you sell kids’ products or products that help moms’ productivity.

Fact: Micro-influencers (influencers with 10-50K followers) generate about 60% more engagements than macro-influencers (influencers with 500K-1 million followers).

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Wrapping Up

There is no scarcity of Amazon influencers—the challenge is in getting the right one for your business based on your preference, budget, and marketing goals.

To streamline the search process, make use of influencer marketplaces or platforms. On the other hand, if you want to DIY, try searching on Fiverr, use hashtags on social media, or search on Amazon Live.

If you don’t want to stress, check the list of top influencers highlighted in this blog post to see if any fit your goals. 

Now that you have found your Amazon influencer, it’s time to streamline and automate your sales and marketing efforts. If you are looking for an affordable platform to help you automate your marketing, try EngageBay. It integrates with Shopify and other major eCommerce platforms.

Also, check out these evergreen ideas for your eCommerce marketing strategy.

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