10 Best Trigger Email Marketing Campaigns Revealed (Updated)

Email marketing is the right key to unlock the real power of digital marketing. The ROI for email marketing is 3,800 percent, and that’s unbeaten.

Within email marketing, trigger email marketing is right at the top.

According to statistics, triggered emails have a huge impact on the open rates and the click-through rates of any email marketing campaigns.

So, in this blog post, we will tell you everything about trigger email marketing.

We’ll share the best trigger email examples, how trigger email marketing works, what tools to use for triggering your emails, and how trigger emails are different from other marketing emails.

Read on.

What are Trigger Emails?

A trigger email campaign is a series of emails that are automatically sent to recipients based on specific actions they take.

These trigger emails are sent based on the recipient’s activity, which can include things like logging in to a website or signing up for an email newsletter.

Trigger email marketing has plenty of advantages.

The first advantage is the ability to personalize each message and make it more relevant to your customers by including their names and previous purchases within the subject line.

Second, trigger email campaigns are automated, so that’s a great way for you to save time. You don’t have to manually reach out and contact every customer individually when they purchase something from your company or sign up for an account, an appointment, or a deal.

Third, trigger email campaigns allow you to get feedback from your customers about what they like about your business and what you can improve.

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What is the difference between triggered emails and marketing emails?

  • Trigger email campaigns are automatically sent out based on specific customer actions, whereas marketing emails can be sent at any time.
  • Trigger emails have a personalized subject line, while marketing emails are unsolicited and hence often not personalized.
  • Triggered emails can be sent to people who have made a purchase, signed up for an account, scheduled an appointment with your team, or visited your website.
  • Trigger emails are used by companies that want to save time and reach out to customers more efficiently instead of making manual contact.
  • Marketing emails on the other hand are generally used by companies to sell products, so there need not be any trigger for them.

How do trigger email campaigns work?

Triggered emails only go to subscribers who are interested in the content you’re sending out.

Trigger email marketing works by providing personalized messages to those people who take some action in contact with your business.

These triggers can be anything from an ebook download, newsletter sign up, a webinar sign up, a video watch, a purchase, or any other action you want to trigger an email.

This means that your message will never be sent unless someone has taken some intentional action and is hence interested in hearing from your brand.

Trigger email campaigns drive traffic to your site, increasing conversions and sales, because these are people already interested in your products and are hence more likely to become your customers.

What are the different types of trigger emails?

  • Welcome Email
  • Onboarding Emails
  • Early Activation
  • Reactivation Email
  • Remarketing Email
  • Transactional Email
  • Account Email
  • Personal Event Email
  • Milestone Email
  • Real-time AutomationTriggers

There are around 10 different types of triggered emails that marketers can use in their email marketing campaigns.

1. Welcome Emails

The customer relationship starts off with this email. It welcomes the customer to the brand and provides guidance for further actions. You should always thank and welcome new users when they sign up for your products or services.

2. Onboarding Emails

These emails push the customer to create an account or sign up on a platform, and provide the links and guidance for onboarding.

3. Early Activation

These emails are for subscribers who have shown interest in your business but have not activated their account yet. You can send these automated emails to offer an early activation discount.

4. Reactivation Emails

If a subscriber has not responded or clicked through within the purchase cycle, this email is sent as a reminder and to re-engage them.

5. Remarketing Emails

Shopping cart abandoned emails are for those who might have left without making a purchase. Abandoned cart emails are very popular in the e-commerce space, because a lot of the time customers just need that nudge to go back and complete the purchase.

6. Transactional Emails

These are informational or confirmation emails. They can also be alternative suggestion emails. This is one of the most important types of triggered emails.

7. Account Emails

These can account for updates such as password updates, account changes, profile changes, etc.

8. Personal Event Emails

These are for personal milestones like Birthdays, Anniversaries, and others. You can wish your customers on their personal events so they feel good and don’t forget your brand.

9. Milestone Emails

These are congratulatory messages for subscribers who have reached a milestone with your brand. You can make special offers to you customers using these emails.

10. Real-time Triggers

These are based on triggers that happen in real-time and for which you can’t plan in advance.

Here’s a graphic representation of different types of trigger emails and what to write in them:

triggered marketing

Why do trigger emails work well?

  • Save time
  • Impress the customer
  • Increase buying chances

Save time

This is the major benefit of automated emails. Triggered emails can be configured beforehand to reduce manual efforts.

Trigger-based emails are known to save potentially around 80% of the direct email budget.

Impress the customer

Customers feel special when they receive personalized emails at the right time. According to a study, welcome emails are the most popular form of triggered emails.

Customers expect a welcome message like validation to a process, order confirmation, etc.

It has been seen that of companies that send welcome emails, 75% of companies send a welcome email on the same day.

Increase buying chances

Around 66% of consumers have made a purchase online based on an email message.

Triggered emails help to track and assess the different behavioral traits and triggers that can motive a customer to make a purchase.

Based on these inputs, the right email can be sent at the right time to help the customer make a purchase.

Set up workflows to automate pre-defined emails to be sent whenever a user takes a particular action

Tips for Trigger Emails

  • Create customer personas
  • Track your customer’s journey
  • Repurpose the most effective emails
  • Look for best practices

Create customer personas

It is important to know and segment your customers to target them better.

Good knowledge of the target audience makes it easier to design effective email campaigns for individual email lists.

Track your customer’s journey

Analyze the customer data to track their behavior and know their traits so that you can send them targeted emails.

Repurpose the most effective emails

You should always keep track of your email marketing performance to determine the kind of content that works best for your customers.

You can then repurpose your most effective emails and send them out again to keep getting great results.

Look for best practices

Take a cue from what is working for other businesses. In this blog post, we’ll show you some great examples of trigger emails.

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Tools to automate the email workflow

  • EngageBay
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign

Today, more than 80% of companies use email marketing technology. However, only 51% of companies are using trigger-based marketing automation to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Email Automation


We will quickly touch base on some tools that can be used to automate your email workflows based on triggers.


EngageBay is a powerful, all-in-one software for marketing automation, and it is the most affordable in this space.

You can find email templates and use a simple drag-and-drop email automation builder to set up your email campaigns based on customer actions.


Mailchimp enables you to send drip emails to follow up based on website activity or inactivity, abandoned shopping carts, etc.

MailChimp comes with hundreds of integrations, so you can go for this if you are using many business apps that you want to sync with your marketing software.


HubSpot has been ranked as one of the top marketing automation tools, and it is among the best in this business.

However, HubSpot is also the most expensive, so it may not fit your budget.


ActiveCampaign allows creating trigger email campaigns that are driven by subscriber interaction, behavior, interests, location, history, and more.

This tool also offers marketing automation and multi-channel marketing, but its pricing too is on the higher side.

10 Best Triggered Email Campaigns To Learn From


#1. LimeRoad Abandonment Email

Limeroad sends this email based on customer behavior with relevant and useful recommendations.

It has a personalized subject line. This subject line tells the customer what he/she can expect in the mail. The product images are clickable and take customers directly to the website.

This makes it easier for the customer to purchase and visit the website again, thus increasing conversions.

triggered email campaigns


2. Eurostar Email

This travel brand sends amazing automated emails on the release of tickets for destinations that have been recently browsed by a customer.

It creates an urgency for the customer and drives their interest, website traffic, and bookings. This is a great example of triggered email marketing.

Eurostar Triggered Emails


3. Total Wine & More Personal Email

They send amazing personalized emails on birthdays and other special events with eye-catching celebratory images.

The brand offers a discount or a coupon to urge the subscriber to buy the products right away.

triggered email examples


4. Cooking.com Thank You Email

This brand sends a ‘Thank You’ mail based on the last purchase and urges a subscriber to make the next purchase with a discount.

This helps to increase sales and also works as a feel-good factor for the customer.

behavioral email marketing

Credit: Cooking.com

5. Pinkberry Inactivity Email

This email from Pinkberry uses the customer’s inactivity on their account to offer incentives and lure back them back.

This helps to build a personal connection as well.

marketing trigger points


6. Trainline Email

This travel brand updates the customer about the upcoming journey with ticket pickup reminders, the weather at the place, and other important information.

They also encourage the user to download the app and stay updated with more information.

This type of engagement increases the brand value in the mind of the customer.

automated email triggers


7. Sephora Review Email

This brand sends an automated message to customers within 2 to 3 days of purchase to urge them to write reviews of their products.

The design is eye-catching and the interface is easy to submit reviews.

Sometimes, they re-send it after a couple of weeks in case you missed the first email.

 triggered email marketing cloud


8. Etsy Thank You Email

They send this wonderful ‘Thank You’ email with a discount for the customer to visit their store once again.

The thank you email itself serves as an offer email, with the coupon embedded in the email urging the customer to shop from the brand again.

 trigger automation


9. Fiji Airlines Email

Fiji Airlines tries to keep engagement with the customer even after the transaction is over.

They ask for feedback through a small survey and hence improve their service and also continue to interact with their customers.

trigger based marketing examples


10. JetBlue Annual Summary Email

JetBlue sends an annual summary to their customers with details about their travel.

These automated emails carry nice infographics to not only thank the customer but also help them plan their travels ahead.

Best Triggered Email Marketing Campaigns


Wrapping Up

These are just a few examples, and there are many other brands doing trigger emails RIGHT!

If you also want to design effective trigger email marketing campaigns for your business, you need the right marketing automation software.

EngageBay is a comprehensive sales, marketing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for growing companies.

This software covers all aspects of customer management across sales, marketing, and support.

You can have your own nodes for automation, or use any of the nodes within the software.

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