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EngageBay vs HubSpot: Market Leader or Emerging Powerhouse?

Choosing the right CRM software can be a rigorous process. Luckily, you’ve successfully narrowed your choices to two powerful options — EngageBay vs HubSpot.

This also means you’re now faced with the dilemma of choosing one CRM that caters to your business needs.

For one, EngageBay and HubSpot CRM share some similarities. They both have a fully integrated CRM suite and specific tools that support marketing, sales, and customer service teams. 

However, when you compare EngageBay vs HubSpot, there are key differences like pricing, specific features, quality of support, and more that you should consider before investing in either CRM.

In this post, we’ll give you all the information you need to make the right choice before opting for EngageBay or HubSpot CRM.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • What are EngageBay and HubSpot CRM?
  • EngageBay vs HubSpot: Key differences
  • Who is HubSpot best for?
  • Who is EngageBay best for?
  • What is it like to use a HubSpot CRM alternative?
  • How do EngageBay and HubSpot compare in usability?
  • How do EngageBay and HubSpot compare in marketing automation?
  • How do EngageBay and HubSpot compare in sales tools?
  • How do Engagebay and HubSpot compare in service tools?


What are EngageBay and HubSpot CRM?

EngageBay is an all-in-one CRM with a suite of tools to help your business acquire, engage, nurture, and convert leads into customers. Its unified CRM suite has marketing, CRM & Sales, and Service Bays. 

Also an integrated email marketing software, HubSpot CRM consists of tools that make it easy to manage customer data, communications, and related processes. It comprises Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub. 

EngageBay vs HubSpot: Key Differences

Here, we’ll focus on the main differences that exist between EngageBay and HubSpot in terms of the Marketing, Sales, and Service bays/hubs and the all-in-one CRM suite. 


EngageBay Pricing

engagebay pricing

Starting at $0, EngageBay offers free tools and a free-forever Service Bay tailored to startups and SMBs. EnagageBay also offers affordable paid plans starting from:

  • CRM Suite: $14.99/mo for Basic, $64.99/mo for Growth, and $119.99/mo for Pro
  • Marketing Bay: $12.99/mo for Basic, $49.99 for Growth, $79.99 for Pro
  • Sales & CRM Bay: $12.99/mo for Basic, $49.99/mo for Growth, 79.99/mo for Pro

Also, you get an 8% discount if you choose a yearly subscription and a 15% for a biennial subscription.

HubSpot Pricing

While HubSpot also has a free tool, the paid plans cost significantly more. Here’s how much you’ll spend on each plan:

Hubspot pricing

  • HubSpot CRM Suite: $50/mo for Starter ($18/mo for new users), $1,780/mo for Professional, and $5,000/mo for Enterprise. One-time mandatory onboarding fees for the last two plans costs an additional $3,750 and $12,000 respectively. 
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub: $50/mo for Starter ($18/mo for new users), $890/mo for Professional, and $3,200/mo for Enterprise. The one-time mandatory onboarding fees for the Pro and Enterprise accounts costs $3,000 and $6,000 each.
  • HubSpot Sales Hub: $50/mo for Starter ($18/mo for new users), $500/mo for Professional, and $1,200/mo for Enterprise. One-time onboarding fees for the last two plans are $375 and $3,000 each.
  • HubSpot Customer Service Hub: $50/mo for Starter ($18/mo for new users), $400/mo for Pro, and $1,200/mo for Enterprise. The one-time onboarding costs an additional $375 for Pro and $3,000 for Enterprise.

You get 10% off if you opt for yearly billing in the hubs only. Also, HubSpot allows you to combine plans from different hubs to create a bundle. 

HubSpot 2024 pricing update

In March 2024, HubSpot introduced two new seats: Core and View-Only. The View-Only seats are unlimited and free and offer view-only access to that particular subscription’s features. The paid core seats offer edit access and are helpful for management, team leaders, and CEOs.
Here’s the catch. The new paid Core seats were previously part of the free plan, meaning users now need to pay to enjoy the privileges they had for free before.

This table can help you understand better: 

User requirement Previous pricing structure New pricing structure
Users requiring view-only access to reports, records, and other data Included in the free plan Now offered in the free, View-Only seat
Users requiring edit access to records and reports, email tracking, and other editable tasks Included in the free plan Now offered in the paid, Core seat
Users requiring sales and service-specific features Dedicated Sales and Service seat Dedicated Sales and Service seat

Winner between EngageBay and HubSpot in Pricing: EngageBay

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EngageBay’s Terms

EngageBay vs HubSpot: EngageBay contract terms

There are no mandatory annual contracts or commitments on EngageBay. You can choose to pay for as many months as you like and cancel at any time. This allows you to assess if the CRM meets your needs before investing in a yearly or biennial plan. 

HubSpot’s Terms

Only HubSpot’s Starter plans allow you to commit to a monthly payment. While you can pay monthly in the Professional packages, you’ll have to commit to an annual contract.

Engagebay vs HubSpot: Hubspot contract terms

Here’s how it works: 

Let’s say your contract requires a 12-month commitment and a monthly billing cycle. If your needs change in month 7 and you cancel your subscription, you’ll still have to pay for the unused 5 months.

This mandatory yearly commitment also applies to the Starter and Pro plan for the CRM suite.

For the Enterprise plan in all HubSpot’s products—hubs and CRM suite—you have to pay upfront for a year’s subscription.

Winner between EngageBay and HubSpot in Contract: EngageBay

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No time to read so much? No worries! Here’s a video explaining how EngageBay compares to HubSpot:



Both CRMs have great tools to help you attract visitors, connect with customers, and close more deals. In subsequent sections, we’ll explore specific features in EngageBay and HubSpot’s CRM suites and bays/hubs. 

Let’s look at some prominent features:

EngageBay CRM Features

Offers contact management, sales & marketing automation, appointment scheduling, deal management, forms & landing pages, email sequences, ticket management, chat form customization, analytics & reporting, integrations, ABM tools, and more. 

HubSpot CRM Features

Offers campaign management, meeting scheduling, analytics & reporting dashboard, email marketing, live chat, contact management, sequences, landing page & form builder, lead tracking, lead management, marketing automation, ticketing, integrations, and more.

Winner between EngageBay and HubSpot  in Functionality: Tie

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Customer Support


EngageBay provides 3 customer support options—Email & chat, a dedicated account manager, and phone support. The best part is that all users have access to email & chat assistance, even if you’re on the free plan. 

According to customers’ reviews, the text support is quick, incredibly helpful, and exceptional. Here’s what a customer has to say (EngageBay review):

Engagebay customer support testimonial

The Growth plan and above come with a dedicated account manager. If you upgrade to the pro version, you’ll get additional phone support.


HubSpot offers email & chat support for all Starter plans and above. From customers’ reviews, the chat option is an easy way to get help.

Hubspot customer review

On the Professional and Enterprise accounts, you’ll get additional support via phone. 

However, unlike EngageBay, there’s no support for the free plan in HubSpot. You’ll have to follow conversations on the HubSpot community or get answers from other users. 

Winner between EngageBay and HubSpot in Customer Support: EngageBay 

Who Is HubSpot Best For? 

HubSpot targets businesses of all sizes that wish to optimize their marketing, sales, and customer service processes on one platform. However, as many businesses have varying needs, what’s ideal for a large-scale enterprise may not be the same for a startup or SMB.

Hubspot review

HubSpot bridges this gap by providing free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans that fit the needs of small to large businesses.

But when it comes to pricing, the odds are tilted slightly against small businesses. For instance, you may start with the free plan. As your business needs increase and you need ABM tools and automation, you’ll have to upgrade to the Professional plan, which costs $890/mo in the Marketing hub, a one-time $3000 mandatory onboarding, and an annual commitment.

This expensive pricing makes HubSpot less ideal for most SMBs and more suited to large organizations with deep pockets.

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Who is EngageBay Best For?

EngageBay is built with small to mid-sized businesses in mind.

SMB owners can get all the features they need at incredibly affordable and much lower prices. This includes up to 26 features on the free plan and powerful functionality like 360-degree customer view, timezone-based email delivery, and landing page A/B testing in the paid packages.

Engagebay client review

EngageBay’s pricing is budget-friendly too. For example, to get marketing automation, you’ll only have to pay $34.99/mo on the Marketing bay. Onboarding is free and you aren’t locked into a mandatory annual commitment either. 

If you’re an SMB owner looking for a scalable CRM that’s affordable, EngageBay checks all the boxes.

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What Is It Like To Use a HubSpot CRM Alternative?

Imagine an all-in-one CRM software where you get all the features you need to run your business, an easy-to-use platform, and high-quality support for a fraction of HubSpot’s pricing. That’s what it’s like to use an excellent HubSpot alternative like EngageBay. 

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s see what customers who used HubSpot but switched to EngageBay have to say:

  • Excellent support and competitive features for lower cost
Hubspot switcher feedback
  • Simple to use and fast support
Hubspot switcher feedback
  • Great experience and functionality than several CRMs
Switching to engagebay
  • Efficient and scalable CRM for SMEs
Engagebay wins over hubspot

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How Do EngageBay And HubSpot Compare in Usability?

Choosing a CRM your team can implement without any special training could save you from lots of CRM nightmares, like relying on inaccurate data due to a wrong configuration. This makes usability a key factor to consider when choosing between EngageBay and HubSpot CRM. 

Let’s look at the usability of both CRMs:

EngageBay CRM

Engagebay CRM is easy to use

Nearly all customer reviews reflect ‌that EngageBay has an intuitive UI that’s easy to use with or without customer support. 

Of course, experiences vary. This explains why a few users also note that EngageBay has a bit of a learning curve as they expect in any other CRMs during setup.

Here are EngageBay’s ratings in G2’s usability score:

Ease of use: 9.1. Ease of setup: 9.1

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM feedback

According to reviews from most HubSpot customers, the platform is user-friendly. However, other customers also mentioned that using HubSpot can be complicated, with a learning curve ranging from moderate to very high.

Here are HubSpot’s ratings in G2’s usability score:

Ease of use: 8.6. Ease of setup: 8.1

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How Do EngageBay And HubSpot Compare In Marketing Automation?

While both CRMs have some similar functionality, there are features in EngageBay that aren’t present in HubSpot and vice versa. The best CRM, in this case, comes down to the features you need from your ideal CRM software. 

Note: There are more features in both HubSpot and EngageBay than those listed below (and in other sections), but we’ll focus on the prominent functionalities of both CRMs.

Free Plan

Feature EngageBay HubSpot
Email marketing 
Reporting dashboard
Marketing events object ×
Custom user permissions & management ×
Basic predictive lead score ×
SSL-enabled landing pages ×
Social suite ×
Email sequences ×
Technical support Email & chat ×

Basic vs Starter Plan

Feature EngageBay Basic HubSpot Starter
Multiple currencies ×
Payments ×
Email health insights ×
Custom fields
Lead scoring ×
Email & chat support

Growth vs Professional

Feature EngageBay Growth HubSpot Professional
A/B testing 
Blog &  SEO tools ×
Single sign-on  ×
Technical Support Email, Chat, & dedicated account manager  Email, chat, & phone 

Pro vs Enterprise

Feature EngageBay Pro HubSpot Enterprise 
Predictive Lead scoring 
Role management 
Hierarchical teams
Advanced analytics
Single sign-on 
Technical Support Email, Chat, & dedicated account manager, phone support  Email, chat, & phone 

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How Do EngageBay And HubSpot Compare In Sales Tools?

Below are notable features you’ll get from each plan in EngageBay Sales Bay and HubSpot CRM to support your sales process:

Free Plan 

Feature EngageBay HubSpot
Meeting scheduling 
Reporting dashboard
Contact management 
Social suite Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ×
Email templates
Email tracking 
Technical support Email & Chat support ×

Basic vs Starter Plan

Feature EngageBay Basic HubSpot Starter
Calling minutes 
Sales Automation  ×
Deal pipeline customization 
Technical support Email & Chat support Email & Chat support 

Growth vs Professional

Feature EngageBay Growth HubSpot Professional
Sales Automation tools
Timezone-based email delivery/smart send times 
Email sequences
Technical Support Email, Chat, & dedicated account manager  Email, Chat, & phone 

Pro vs Enterprise

Feature EngageBay Pro HubSpot Enterprise
Proposal analytics 
Role management 
Call transcripts 
Account-Based Marketing 
Playbooks/Sales scripts 
Technical Support Email, Chat, dedicated account manager, phone Email, Chat, & phone 

How Do EngageBay And HubSpot Compare in Customer Service Tools?

Engagebay service bay
EngageBay Service Bay

Here’s a shocker: EngageBay Service Bay is completely free! You have unlimited access to the two software—the Free Help Desk and the Live Chat—within this Bay.  

For HubSpot Service Hub, you have to pay $50/mo for Starter, $500/mo for Pro, and $1200/mo. Don’t forget the additional one-time onboarding fee of $375 for Pro and $3000 for Enterprise. Let’s look at how EngageBay and HubSpot Service tools stack up:

Feature EngageBay HubSpot
Free Starter Pro Enterprise 
Live chat
Canned responses 
Smart workflows/workflow automation feature ×
Permission sets × × ×
Field-level permissions  × × × ×
Custom objects × × × ×
Conversation routing ×
Feedback management  × ×
Live chat transcripts × × ×
SLAs × × ×
Technical support  Email & chat support × Email & chat support  Email, chat, & phone Email, chat, & phone

Learn more about EngageBay:

Sign up with EngageBay for free

Wrap Up: EngageBay vs HubSpot CRM

There you have it: the key differences, ideal target businesses, and tools comparison of EngageBay vs HubSpot CRMs.

HubSpot offers a CRM suite and standalone tools you need for your sales, marketing, and customer service. 

To use HubSpot’s CRM,  you can start with the free plan or a Starter plan that costs $50/mo upwards, a Professional account of $400/mo and above, or an Enterprise plan of $1200/mo+ for the lowest priced hub. 

HubSpot’s Professional and Enterprise plans require a mandatory onboarding fee that costs between $375 to $12,000 and an annual contract commitment.

However, if you’re a small and mid-sized business owner who needs an integrated CRM with tailored features at affordable pricing, try EngageBay. 

You have access to an all-in-one CRM or three standalone tools —Marketing, CRM & Sales, and Service (free) bays.

Pricing for the paid plans ranges from $12.99/mo to $119.99/mo, making it very budget-friendly for SMBs, and the best HubSpot alternative. 

Sign up free for a first-hand experience of how EngageBay can help your business.

👉 Discover the strengths of the top HubSpot competitors in our detailed guide, and see what suits your business best.

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