3 Incredible Insightly Alternatives for Small Businesses


We live in an age where technology, apps, programs, and software give us more options than we could ever use — the ‘paradox of choice.’

But certain things remain constant – delivering exceptional customer support is one of them.

That’s why companies need a comprehensive all-in-one software that offers a 360-degree view of each customer.

Unfortunately, Insightly is not one of them.

Yes, that’s right; while Insightly CRM might seem like a suitable CRM on the surface, once you begin digging deeper, you’ll see that it has its problems.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the cons of Insightly. We’ll also show you three of the best Insightly alternatives:

  1. EngageBay
  2. HubSpot
  3. Keap

Happy reading!

The Drawbacks of Insightly

Insightly was founded in 2009 in Australia and offers CRM as well as project management tools.

Their audience is small businesses and mid-sized companies.

Insightly last made a major overhaul to its CRM in 2017, when its Suite upgraded to include integration with Microsoft Outlook as a prominent feature.

Though Insightly CRM is a good platform, it is not suitable for small businesses and startups.

As a small business owner, you’ll want one of the best CRM solutions out there with the propensity to handle all the daily tasks that you, your marketers, and salespeople undertake — without breaking the bank.

For the rest of this section, we’ll show you why Insightly’s CRM is not the ideal software as the sheer cost of using some of its features is so high.

Expensive Marketing Module

In 2019, Insightly announced its new tool called Insightly Marketing, an engine that includes automation and other marketing features.

The company promised a “unified platform” that allows for more integration between marketing and CRM and an improved user interface, admin page assignments, and more marketing user licenses.

Insightly is already a costly CRM, with their least expensive plan starting at $29 per month per user.

However, most people who sign up for Insightly CRM will want more features, which means choosing the Professional plan at $49 a month per user.

Under the Professional plan, you get company-wide collaborations, Insightly’s business intelligence platform, project delivery, the freedom to use any device, Insightly Voice, productive selling features, and lead management.

Still, you’re missing several features, which may mean shelling out $99 a month per user for the Enterprise plan.

Insightly CRM dashboard
Insightly CRM dashboard

EngageBay’s CRM is always free, even if you don’t use any of the other great sales and marketing features EngageBay offers (although you’ll surely want to).

As we’ll continue to explain in this guide, you also get more features with EngageBay CRM than with Insightly’s.

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No Team Hierarchy

Team hierarchy is a feature that is not guaranteed in all CRM software; Agile CRM lacks it, as does Insightly.

You need to control the access and editing rights — team hierarchy and role management offer better security as they allow you to assign access to team members according to their roles within the company.

For example, your company manager might have the most access, followed by sales and marketing team members.

This streamlines the company organization and makes it easier to pass documents or data to only the intended employee or staff member.

As we wrote about in our comparison of Agile CRM with EngageBay, you will find team hierarchy features within EngageBay’s CRM.

This pairs nicely with EngageBay’s sales dashboard, which lets you track sales performance, task reports, funnel progress, the deals you’ve won and lost, how many active deals you have, and so much more.

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Lack of Powerful Reporting

The above data or metrics are part of how your company gauges its success, especially when the metrics are presented as part of a report.

You need real, tangible information that quantitatively shows progress, not just assumptions.

Not only does this allow your business to continue on the right track, but it also satisfies investors and other partners you may have affiliated with your company.

Insightly alternative -- EngageBay dashboard
EngageBay metrics dashboard

If missteps happen, which is natural with any company, then having reports allows you to rectify these so you don’t continue the downward trajectory for the next month or quarter.

The longer your company produces reports via your CRM platform, the more valuable this data becomes.

Eventually, you can compare monthly or quarterly data over several years to see if any emergent trends may help you predict your future path.

It’s a wonder then that any CRM would lack this integral yet basic feature. Yet, you won’t get the powerful reporting you need to inform your business decisions if you continue using Insightly’s CRM.

That’s not the case with EngageBay.

The CRM reporting offered here lets you track every desirable metric, plus you can automate the delivery of your reports.

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No Helpdesk

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run; your customers will come to you eventually with questions and concerns.

Helpdesk is the perfect solution for addressing and answering these questions.

Through the helpdesk tool, your audience can get in touch with your company’s customer service representatives in a way that’s convenient for them — phone, live chat, or email.

EngageBay helpdesk
EngageBay helpdesk software

Insightly does not offer a helpdesk, without which you can’t get a comprehensive view of your customers.

This means that each time a customer has questions, they’re either ringing your phone off the hook, emailing you all the time, or sending several messages across social media until they get an answer.

The longer the customer goes without their issue being resolved or even addressed, the worse they feel about your company.

Supporting that is data from Finances Online that mentions how 33% of customers prioritize getting their issues resolved “in a single interaction.”

Without a helpdesk, there’s no promise of that single interaction assistance, which should hopefully have you rethinking whether you want to continue to use Insightly for your CRM needs.

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No Live Chat

Your employees can’t be staffed 24/7 to answer questions — what if a customer reaches out in the middle of the night or on the weekend?

Live chat uses pre-answered canned responses for common queries, and this means your customers can get solutions quickly without the need to connect with an actual service rep.

Maybe the customer needs to wait until the next business day to get their issue dealt with by a real person, but in plenty of cases, a chatbot can guide a customer through their problem.

Even during business hours, a chatbot can prove incredibly useful — it can boost customer service and sales agents’ productivity.

User Reviews of Insightly

Here are a few reviews from real-world users. Have a look: 

Insightly review Insightly review Insightly review

3 Ideal Insightly Alternatives

Now that you’ve seen why Insightly may not be the best CRM for your business, it’s time to look at some of the best alternatives.

We have three picks that we’d call the ideal alternatives to Insightly: EngageBay, HubSpot, and Keap.


trigger email automation
Email marketing automation in EngageBay

When it comes to the best Insightly alternatives, EngageBay is one of the top solutions.

As discussed earlier in this guide, their CRM services are always available for free, even if that’s all you use from EngageBay.

EngageBay was founded as an alternative to pricy CRM software. You get an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support software that eliminates the need for multiple standalone systems.

EngageBay’s lower prices and free features have won the product lots of praises.

EngageBay user review

Besides the features we discussed before, EngageBay’s free CRM also features call integration, a lead scoring system, CRM, and email syncing.

You also get sales team gamification and leaderboards, sales automation, easily accessible contact lists, automated data entry, task creation and assignment, meeting scheduling, and a visible sales pipeline.

With multichannel marketing, you can engage with your customers via email, phone, SMS, social media, and the web. The centralized CRM collects information about each interaction and displays it in the form of a timeline.


EngageBay’s Social Suite lets you manage your social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn — from a single window. You can also schedule posts and use social listening to discover what your customers are saying about your company.

You also get a host of third-party integrations, including BigCommerce, CallHippo,  Amazon Web Services, Zapier, JotForm, and Plivo.

To make it easy for small businesses, EngageBay onboards all users for free. You also get, free email migration services and phone support, and more.

EngageBay Pricing

EngageBay offers four plans: Free, Basic, Growth, and Pro.

EngageBay pricing
EngageBay pricing

Free: This plan is truly free forever and is ideal for businesses just starting out. You get email marketing, autoresponders, email broadcast, drip campaigns, landing pages, helpdesk, and live chat making EngageBay the best Insightly CRM alternative for SMBs.

Basic: This plan starts at $14.99/month and offers 1,000 contacts, 3,000 emails, 1 GB of file storage, custom deal milestones, canned responses, group management, and more.

Growth: This is the most popular plan and costs $49.99/month for 10,000 contacts and 25,000 emails. Features include advanced marketing automation, email broadcast, and landing page A/B testing, timezone-based email delivery, proposals, leaderboards, and so much more.

Pro: For just $99.99/month, you get a host of pro-level tools, including role management, call scripts, account-based marketing, custom reports, team hierarchy, APIs, and phone support.

EngageBay also offers a 10% discount on annual plans and a 20% discount on biennial plans.

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Insightly alternative: HubSpot

While HubSpot’s high prices make its services tough to recommend, its CRM is available for free.

Designed for salespeople and marketers, you get live chat (something Insightly doesn’t have), meeting scheduling, prospect tracking, email tracking, and click-to-call.

HubSpot also offers email templates, contact management and lists, pipeline management, deal tracking, company insights, and a reporting dashboard.

HubSpot CRM doesn’t try to restrict how many contacts you can add, with the cap currently set at a million.

All this unlimited data for free CRM is quite impressive, making HubSpot a viable option for businesses just starting out.

HubSpot’s paid plans are one of the best in the industry, and many well-to-do establishments choose HubSpot CRM over other Insightly alternatives. That said, HubSpot is one of the most expensive CRM software — just the onboarding fees alone cost a whopping $12,000!

HubSpot Pricing

Hubspot pricing
Hubspot’s high pricing structure

HubSpot offers three paid plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Starter: Costs $50/month and offers landing pages, a shared inbox, list segmentation, live chat, reporting dashboard, email scheduling, and more.

Professional: Costs $1,600/month and adds email marketing, ad management, ABM tools and workflow automation, A/B testing, multi-channel marketing workflows, and more.

Enterprise: This is the most expensive plan, starting at $5000/month. You get a host of pro features, including custom properties, email health insights, content strategy, SEO recommendation, website traffic analytics, campaign management, and more.

Let’s take a look at a user’s standpoint: 

HubSpot review

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Insightly alternative: Keap

Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap may be the company’s new name, but its same great features have not changed.

For example, Keap still offers CRM with Smart Forms, message personalization, client contact lists, email templates, email scheduling, Outlook and Gmail syncing, and automation.

Keap’s client management tools let you manage everyday customer experiences through automated lead capture, triggered personalized follow-ups, and centralized data access.

Keap also offers more than 2,500 integrations powered natively and through Zapier — Paypal, Gmail, WordPress, Outlook, and more.

Keap Pricing

Unlike HubSpot and EngageBay, Keap does not offer a free plan.

Keap pricing
Keap pricing

Keap offers three paid plans: Lite, Pro, and Max.

Lite: The Lite plan costs $59/month and offers automated lead capture and follow-up, email marketing, payments and invoicing, and appointments.

Pro: Costs $129/month and adds landing pages, sales pipeline, advanced automation, and text marketing.

Max: Costs $199 and adds lead scoring, sales funnels, Shopify integration, one-click upsell and cross-sell, and analytics.

Here’s what a user said about Keap: 

Keap review

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While Insightly may be a leading CRM software for many companies, it’s not designed as an all-in-one solution.

Some of the features in this CRM are pretty expensive, but there’s also a lot missing. For example, Insightly users are deprived of helpdesks, live chat, and detailed reporting.

EngageBay — an excellent CRM alternative — offers a more comprehensive all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support solution at a similar price to Insightly.

EngageBay features
EngageBay features

Keap is another great CRM solution for small businesses, though it might become expensive as your contacts increase.

That makes the decision crystal clear when choosing your next CRM!

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