Lead Scoring Software

Locate your most potential leads

Lead Scoring Software

EngageBay's Lead Scoring system identifies your most qualified leads, lets you track engagement and know who to follow up with. Now talk to your promising leads and close more deals.

Lead Scoring in simple terms

Businesses are dependent on sales that are in turn, reliant on leads. This is where your business needs to organize your leads very carefully. One of the best ways is to score them. Lead scoring is the practice of ranking leads based on their engagement with your business. When you assign scores to your leads, you’re able to quickly tell how important that lead is, for your business. This allows your sales team to optimize their valuable time in pursuing the right sales leads for your business, thereby increasing productivity.

Lead Scoring

Identify your warmest leads

As your interaction and engagement history will show you, some leads may be close to buying, while others may be taking their time. With EngageBay’s Lead Scoring software, identify your most likely buyers in a single click. Save time for your sales team to sift through the large number of leads stored in the system, for prioritizing work.

Lead Scoring software

Score leads on specific parameters

Every business has a set of buyers who are characterized by a unique set of behavioral patterns and are predictable as they travel through the funnel. In EngageBay’s Lead Scoring System, you can score leads on the basis of their interactions – across all channels. You can award points to your leads based on their qualifying criteria. This way, your sales team can both save time, as well as improve productivity.

Lead Scoring System

Award separate scores for deals or leads

Assign scores for an individual lead based on their engagement and and interest and rank them according to the score. Otherwise, you can assign a score to an overall deal, based on how imminent the closure is. This is particularly helpful even if your primary contact has been replaced by another.

assign a score to an overall deal

Reduce churn and enhance retention

EngageBay's Lead Scoring System is not just for leads, it also scores your contacts. Based on the customer’s engagement level with your company, EngageBay shows you when a customer is likely to churn so you can catch those signals before it’s too late. You can quickly see how your contacts are interacting with your business by filtering contacts based on lead score.

Reduce churn and enhance retention
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