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10 Funny Customer Success Memes That Every CSM Could Relate To

Meme creators are the new-age therapists. In the ever-evolving digital age, memes work as a perfect stress buster to fight off the hectic and rough days. 

And when nothing goes your way, I’m sure these memes would work. Humor makes everything more bearable. 

As a customer success manager, you are always on the hunt for achieving customer success.

However, sometimes things don’t go the right way. That’s why we have come up with some amazing customer success memes to lighten your mood. 

If you are having a hard time at work, take a break and check out these customer success memes. Our purpose is to make you smile as you fight the blues. 

Here we go. 

10 Customer Success Memes That’ll Have You in Stitches

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. We are not responsible for any situation that may arise if you get the ‘laughing syndrome’, as these memes are really funny.

Consult your physician if it goes overboard 😉

#1. What’s next after closing the deal?

closed deal meme
Source: Memegenerator

This popular meme perfectly defines what most companies would do. Once the sales team has closed the deal, they think there is nothing beyond that. 

Hold on, there’s more to acquiring a new customer and gathering new leads. That’s customer retention

For this, the baton passes to the customer success manager now. The customer success team will now take up the responsibility to retain customers. 

From onboarding to customer renewal, monitoring customer health scores to getting insights from the product teams, the customer success team and manager are solely responsible for building customer loyalty. 

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#2. The one with the red and blue pill

customer success meme red pill meme
Source: MeetRecord

Who can forget this funny red-and-blue pill meme? 

As a CSM, it’s hard to choose whether to retain a customer with the onboarding material and feature updates or whether to upsell to them. 

However, this is merely a misconception among the CSMs. Without retaining the customers, there is no upsell. If you want more upsells or renewals, focus on customer success. 

The focus should be on educating the customers and providing them with real value. After getting the desired feedback, the CSM should know if this is the right time to upsell. 

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#3. When CSMs become peacemakers

CSM peacemaker meme
Source: Instagram

Every customer success manager can relate to it: The time when CSMs have to become peacemakers rather than improving customer success

Sales account executives are often blamed for lying to their customers. They would lie to customers about the pricing plans, refund policies, and even the hidden charges. 

So, what’s next? It’s the customer success team who has to deal with frustrated and furious customers. After all, the responsibility of CSM involves both advocating for the company as well as being the voice of the customers. 

How will you retain a customer who has been lied to?

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#4. The stairway to upselling

CSM meme upsell
Source: Memecatalyst

If you are doing this as a CSM, you are probably doing it the wrong way. 

The customer success team has vast roles and responsibilities. From identifying the company goals to setting up the success, onboarding the new customers to following up on the renewals, there is a lot that CSM has to do before upselling. 

The customer success team should be trained to upsell the products without pretending to upsell. 

To upsell the product, CSMs should set up goals, set up a success plan, troubleshoot issues, and track the KPIs to measure customer success. 

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#5. That reaction when… 


CSM reaction meme
Source: Instagram

Not just the CSMs, even the sales team and account teams have the same reaction when a customer requests switching from Annual to Monthly renewal.

If the existing customer chooses to renew the monthly subscription instead of the annual subscription, the customer success team might need to work harder to retain its customer. 

Trust me… this is harder than offering the upsells. Though monthly renewals are a bit more pricey than annual renewals, switching to them might not be a good indication for your company 🥲

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#6. Every customer success manager’s nightmare

Meme created by author for EngageBay

That anxious moment when the renewal is coming up, and the customer hasn’t responded to your previous emails and follow-ups. As a CSM, you should weigh the needs of existing customers equal to or more than the new customers. 

After all, it costs five times as much to acquire new customers as it does to keep the existing ones. 

Email follow-ups aren’t enough to boost customer renewal rates. By adopting relevant content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing strategies, CS teams can boost the renewal rates and hence their chance of success. 

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#7. Should I talk to CS or CS?

customer success vs customr support memne
Source: Facebook

Every customer support and customer service team can relate to it. Let’s say you have acquired a new customer, and you tell them you are from the customer success team.

Their response could be: “Isn’t it the same as the customer support team?”

While the customer support team helps out in case of problems, the customer success team helps customers identify their goals and reach them. So the next time someone asks the difference, you know what to answer. 

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#8. Success that counts

Customer success on Linkedin
Source: LinkedIn

We all are this person as we go through different stages of relationship building. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for finding your prospects. This makes more sense in a B2B business. 

Be it the sales team or the customer success team, you have the responsibility of finding the people that will benefit your business. To get success on Linkedin, it is important to personalize your invite. 

Instead of talking about your brand, make sure to talk about them or ask a question that draws their attention.

Go ahead and book a meeting with your prospects and the stage is all yours. 

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#9. That winning moment when…

when customer buys meme
Source: Bizadda

It counts as a big win and calls for celebrations when the customer finally agrees to purchase your product or service. It takes a sheer amount of time and effort to acquire a customer.

Even if it is an inbound strategy, you need to put extra effort into getting high-paying clients. 

And the moment comes when they finally purchase the plan. You feel nothing less than sending them virtual hugs. 

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#10: The real customer success 

customer success meme achievment
Source: Facebook

Now, that’s called real customer success. 

The higher churn rate always hurts. And when you have a high-ticket client who is about to churn, it’s time to fasten your belt and come up with a plan B. 

The customer success team is largely responsible for reducing the churn rates. There’s a lot that you can do to reduce customer churn rates: 

  • Be proactive with communication. 
  • Create a roadmap that stands out differently from others. 
  • Offer them better and personalized deals. 
  • Provide them with stellar customer service. 

And when you have managed to retain that customer, it’s time for your commission. 🤩 

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We hope you liked our compilation of the funniest customer success memes.

What’s your favorite one?

If you have a meme idea, remember to share it with us. Just let us know in the comments.

And, do not forget to smile 🙂

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