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AWeber vs Mailchimp

AWeber vs Mailchimp and Other Email Tools

Running email campaigns is one of the most effective methods to nurture leads and build strong customer relationships. 

With the help of email automation software, you can easily automate the process of scheduling and sending out personalized emails to thousands of your contacts in just a few clicks.

Now, AWeber might be one of the first names that comes to mind while searching for the best email marketing tools for small and growing businesses. After all, it has created a niche for itself.  

Its email marketing tool offers a rich set of functionalities, including built-in email templates, landing page builders, A/B split testing, and report generation.

However, due to its expensive pricing model, businesses are looking for platforms that are better than AWeber. 

In this blog, we will make a detailed comparison of Aweber vs Mailchimp, and also pit Aweber against other popular email tools.

We will compare their features, pricing, and pros and cons to help you make a smart decision. 

A Quick Overview of the Best Alternatives to AWeber

For any business, pricing is one of the main deciding factors for purchasing any tool or software. 

This is why I’ve created a pricing comparison chart of AWeber competitors that gives you a summary of their pricing plans based on the number of contact limits compared to AWeber.

Aweber Alternatives No. of Contacts (pricing/user/month)
  500 2500 5000 10,000
AWeber $12.50 $22.50 $42.42 $62.50
Mailchimp $9.29 $27.76 $46.46 $69.99
GetResponse Free $23.78 $44.28 $64.78
ActiveCampaign $9 $49 $149 Contact the sales team 
ConvertKit Free $9 $25 Contact the sales team
Constant Contact $9.99 Customizable Customizable Customizable
Klaviyo Free $70 $110 $175
Drip Free $39 $89 $154
Ontraport $24 $83 $124 $208
Sendinblue (Brevo) Free $25 $65 Contact the sales team
Campaign Monitor $9 $29 $49 $89
HubSpot Free $135 $216 $396

Aweber Alternatives and Which One Suits a Small Business Best

AWeber vs Mailchimp — Detailed Comparison

AWeber Vs Mailchimp

The first on our list of AWeber alternatives is Mailchimp, which is as popular as AWeber. 

Mailchimp’s wide range of features allows businesses to expand their customer base using digital ads, social media channels, and email marketing.

You can create highly personalized emails using its tools like audience management, creative tools, and insights and analytics. 


  • Smart Recommendations: Provides personalized suggestions based on email best practices to create engaging email layouts and content.
  • Audience Segmentation: This allows you to segregate your audience based on multiple filters such as age, location, gender, buying history, etc. It helps create emails that are customized to your audience’s interests and generate sales.
  • Creative Assistant: The Creative Assistant is an AI-powered tool that designs email templates for you based on your brand, ensuring consistency.
  • Customer Journey Builder: Gives recommendations on how to engage with your audience better using pre-built automation strategies.


Mailchimp pros

One of the biggest advantages of Mailchimp is that it outlines the customer journey, allowing you to gain valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not for your email marketing campaigns.


Mailchimp cons

The free plan of Mailchimp has minimal features, making it difficult for individuals and small businesses to customize templates as per needs.


AWeber vs Mailchimp pricing

Both Mailchimp and Aweber have free pricing plans. While Mailchimp’s free plan lets you can send only 2,500 monthly emails, AWeber limits it to 3,000 emails for 500 subscribers. 

But if you look at their paid plans, Mailchimp costs $9.26 per month, whereas AWeber’s costs $14.99 per month.

Mailchimp has three paid plans – Essentials, Standard, and Premium

With the Essential Plan, you can avail of additional features such as 5,000 email sends, 24/7 customer support, over 300+ integrations, A/B testing, email scheduling, and advanced customer journeys for $9.26 per user per month.

Under the Standard Plan, users can get up to 6,000 email sends, custom-coded templates, predictive segmentation, and send time optimization for $13.83 per user per month.

For large enterprises, the Premium Plan works best. Priced at $276.52 per user per month, it comes with 150,000 email sends, unlimited users, phone and priority support, comparative reporting, advanced segmentation, and assisted onboarding.

AWeber ‘Plus’ Mailchimp ‘Premium’ Cost Saved
$29.99 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)
$13.90 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)

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AWeber vs GetResponse

AWeber Vs GetResponse

What puts GetResponse on the list of AWeber competitors is how robust its functionalities are, and at such affordable pricing. 

For instance, GetResponse lets you run A/B testing on your emails to know what works best for your audience and generate higher ROI. 

This inbound marketing software is ideal for those looking to start an online business. It offers personalized tools depending on whether you are an entrepreneur, online marketer, marketing manager, or a large enterprise. 


    • Automated Blog Digest: This helps increase your blog reach and traffic by automatically sending emails whenever your articles are published.
    • Transactional Emails: This tool helps you send personalized emails to users, for payment reminders.
    • Email Scheduling: It allows you to time the delivery of your emails.
    • Images Library: With a wide range of images and GIFs, you can make your emails more creative and engaging.


GetResponse pros

GetResponse users are happy with the vast number of features it offers, including sequence autoresponder, forms, and surveys. 


GetResponse cons

Despite its robust functionalities, GetResponse lacks in providing an accurate bounce rate. Moreover, the landing pages can take time to update on mobile devices.

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AWeber vs Getresponse pricing

GetResponse has a dedicated email marketing plan starting at $54 per month for up to 5,000 contacts, whereas AWeber is priced at $59.99 per month.

It comes with features such as unlimited newsletters, unlimited landing page templates, unlimited website builders, basic audience segmentation, autoresponder, and multiple integrations.

AWeber ‘Plus’ GetResponse Email Marketing Cost Saved
$59.99 / month
(up to 5,000 contacts)
$54 / month
(Up to 5,000 contacts)

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Aweber vs ActiveCampaign

Aweber Vs ActiveCampaign

The next on our list is ActiveCampaign, which allows you to send a vast variety of emails, including triggered emails, targeted emails, and more. 

Besides, it enables you to send personalized emails to your contacts with just a single click. 

And the best part is that ActiveCampaign has over 250+ professional email templates ready to be used.  


  • Email Broadcasting: Allows you to interact with a large number of customers at once by sending mass emails at once.
  • Triggered Emails: It helps you send emails based on actions taken by users, such as site visits, making a purchase, order status updates, and abandoned carts.
  • Email Autoresponders: This enables you to get in touch with customers automatically as and when they sign up for your website.
  • Targeted Emails: Allows you to send personalized emails to customers by grouping them into smaller segments.


ActiveCampaign pros

ActiveCampaign users are really happy with all the email marketing tools it offers – from a robust reporting system to its wide range of pre-built templates that can be easily customized to suit your brand’s needs. 


ActiveCampaign cons

While ActiveCampaign is helpful with its vast number of tools, it comes with its own disadvantages. It can take time for first-time users to learn how to use the platform.



ActiveCampaign offers four types of plans, Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Lite Plan starts at $9 per month and includes key features such as email marketing, automation, and 24/7 chat and email support.

Under the Plus Plan, you can avail of landing page builders, Facebook Custom Audiences, lead scoring, and pop-up forms, for $49 per month.

With the Professional Plan, there are additional tools like predictive scoring, split automation, and Salesforce and Microsoft 365 integrations for $149 per month.

The Enterprise Plan is a customizable plan with advanced features such as custom reporting, custom objects, and SSO, and it is available for up to 10 users.

AWeber ‘Plus’ ActiveCampaign ‘Professional’ Cost Saved
$159.99 / month
(Unlimited contacts)
$149 / month
(Unlimited contacts)

ConvertKit Pricing Too Much for Your Business?

AWeber vs ConvertKit

AWeber Vs ConvertKit

If you are looking for an email marketing platform for creators and aspiring artists, ConvertKit is a suitable option.

ConvertKit is popular for its extremely high delivery rate of 98%. It ensures that the email lands in the recipient’s inbox and not in a spam folder. 


  • Built-in Templates: Allows you to design your emails and add content based on pre-built styling options.
  • Email Broadcasting: Helps to filter customers and create personalized email content that can be sent instantly or scheduled for later.
  • Funnel Automation: This enables you to create custom paths for customers based on events and actions.
  • Data Analytics: Provides real-time reports on the performance of your email marketing campaigns with relevant metrics.


ConvertKit pros

A major benefit of ConvertKit is that it provides a large number of email marketing features under its forever-free plan.


ConvertKit cons

At times, the drag-and-drop builder can be slow and difficult to use.


ConvertKit pricing

Both AWeber and ConvertKit have a free plan, but the latter offers unlimited landing pages compared to just one from AWeber. 

ConvertKit’s Free Plan also offers unlimited forms, unlimited broadcasts, and audience tagging and segmentation. It is ideal for individual and first-time users.

Its two other paid plans include Creator and Creator Pro.

With the Creator Plan, you can avail of additional tools like live chat and email support, automated email sequences, free migration, and visual automation builders. It starts from $9 per month. 

Under the Creator Pro Plan, users can get unlimited team members, advanced reporting, subscriber scoring, and a newsletter referral system, for $25 a month.

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AWeber ‘Plus’ ConvertKit ‘Creator Pro’ Cost Saved
$29.99 / month
(for up to 300 subscribers)
$25 / month
(for up to 300 subscribers)

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Mailchimp vs AWeber vs Constant Contact

Mailchimp Vs AWeber Vs Constant Contact

If you are searching for a platform that specializes in email marketing and has affordable pricing, look no further than Constant Contact

It has all the features offered by AWeber and Mailchimp at cheaper prices.


  • Drag-and-Drop: This enables you to add or remove text, images, videos, and other pre-built elements to your emails.
  • Email Scheduling: Helps send automated emails to customers based on their actions, such as purchasing a product, newly launched products and services, discounts and offers, and welcome emails.
  • Contact Management: Allows you to migrate your contacts easily from any platform, such as Salesforce, Outlook, or Excel.
  • Subject Line Testing: This enables you to test which email subject line is more effective and generates higher open rates.


Constant Contact pros

Using Constant Contact, it is easy to build email marketing campaigns since it provides a large variety of built-in email templates and features that can be modified as per needs.


Constant Contact cons

Constant Contact doesn’t allow users to detect or remove spam accounts from their recipient list, making it difficult to find out which email addresses are genuine and which are not.


Constant Contact pricing

We already saw how Mailchimp pricing is as compared to AWeber. 

ConstantConnect does not have any free plan. However, its paid plan starts at $9.99 per month only. 

The Core Plan boasts over 100+ email templates, sign-up forms, real-time engagement reporting, live chat and phone support, and multichannel posting. 

For $14.99, AWeber only gives access to their basic email templates. 

With the ConstantConnect Plus Plan, you can get additional tools such as dynamic content personalization, segment automation, in-depth reporting, and list growth tools like Google Ads. It costs $45 per month.

AWeber ‘Lite’ Mailchimp ‘Essentials’ Constant Contact ‘Core’ Cost Saved
$14.99 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)
$9.31 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)
$9.99 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)

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Klaviyo vs AWeber

Klaviyo Vs AWeber

One of the biggest Aweber competitors is Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing platform that offers two products – an email marketing tool and an SMS marketing tool. 

More than 100K global brands have trusted Klaviyo and seen an increase in revenue.


  • Email Personalization: Helps you create dynamic email content based on customer activity, such as recently viewed products, abandoned carts, most viewed products, and items ordered.
  • Behavior-based Email Automation: Allows you to send emails based on triggers such as welcome emails, order and shipping updates, and so on.
  • Audience Segmentation: This allows you to target your email audience by applying filters like location, buying history, preferences, etc.
  • Integrations: Klaviyo boasts over 300+ integrations, including Shopify, ShipStation, Salesforce, and Loop.


Klaviyo pros

Klaviyo is easy to use owing to its highly intuitive user interface. Besides, their customer support is super active – they reach out to your queries within a day or so. 


Klaviyo cons

Despite a user-friendly interface, Klaviyo has a steep learning curve, making it hard for first-time users to start using the platform instantly.


Klaviyo pricing

Klaviyo has three pricing models, Free, Email, and Email and SMS.

Under the Free Plan, you can avail of up to 500 email sends, detailed client profiles, personalized product recommendations, and precise multi-channel attribution.

With the Email Plan, additional features include up to 15,000 email sends monthly, automated A/B testing, email and chat support, and 300+ pre-built interactions. It costs $45 per month.

The Email and SMS Plan costs $60 per month and has hyper-precise segmentation, drag-and-drop automation builder, and built-in web forms and pop-ups.

While AWeber and Klaviyo don’t differentiate much in their free plan, Klaviyo’s paid plan has a lot to offer in terms of 300+ integration, ​​Built-in CDP, and 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits.

AWeber ‘Plus’ Klaviyo ‘Email’ Cost Saved
$29.99 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)
$20 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)

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ConvertKit vs AWeber vs Mailchimp

All three email marketing tools have their own pros and cons. So, deciding which is better than AWeber can be tricky. 

Is AWeber better than Mailchimp? Or is CovertKit better than AWeber? 

Ultimately, it boils down to your business’s unique requirements. 

While ConvertKit and Mailchimp are more affordable than AWeber, ConvertKit primarily caters to creators and artists. 

Its features and pricing plans are designed in such a way that they are suited to individuals or a group of creators.

Mailchimp, on the other hand, provides a greater number of email marketing tools and has more pricing plans. 

By contrast, AWeber only offers two pricing models with fewer features.

Features AWeber Mailchimp ConvertKit
Broadcasts Yes Yes Yes
Broadcast resend button No No Yes
Drag and drop email templates Yes Yes Yes
Form-specific opt-in incentives No No Yes
E-Commerce integrations Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $29.99 / month
(for up to 500 contacts)
$25 / month
(for up to 300 contacts)
$13.90 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)

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Drip vs AWeber

Drip Vs AWeber

Drip is a marketing platform that helps you drive conversions using effective and highly personalized email marketing campaigns.

It is quite popular for its dynamically personalized content – it shows your subscribers’ product recommendations, abandoned cart reminders, birthday deals, and more.


  • Pre-built Templates: Drip has a range of in-built email templates and an HTML builder that allows you to edit and create emails that will drive conversions.
  • Visual Workflow Builder: Uses in-built playbooks to create automated email sequences such as welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase emails, and so on.
  • Split Testing: This helps you analyze which emails have the highest open rates and which increase sales.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides personalized product recommendations to customers based on their buying patterns.


Drip pros

Drip provides greater flexibility in terms of contacting customers and creating email marketing campaigns.


Drip cons

At times, customer support can be slow and unresponsive.


Drip pricing

Drip has a single pricing model starting at $39 per month for 2,500 contacts.

The pricing depends upon the number of contacts you want, which can go as high as 10,000,000. Under the plan, you can get unlimited email sends, email support, and free data migration.

AWeber ‘Plus’ Drip Cost Saved
$39.99 / month
(Up to 2,500 contacts)
$39 / month
(Up to 2,500 contacts)

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AWeber vs Ontraport

AWeber Vs Ontraport

Ontraport is another option on our list of email marketing tools that is better than AWeber.

It is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform with email marketing as one of its key tools.


  • Real-Time Reporting: Helps you view email metrics alongside your campaigns rather than on a separate dashboard.
  • Split Testing: Allows you to test subject lines, the timing of email sends, the order of emails, and conversions.
  • Trigger-Based Emails: Enables you to send automated emails based on the actions of the users.
  • Email Trackers: Helps you distinguish between emails that are driving sales and which ones are not.


Ontraport pros

Using Ontraport’s email marketing tools, companies have been able to expand their customer base manifold within a short period.


Ontraport cons

At times, glitches can affect the user dashboard and display features.


Ontraport pricing

Unlike AWeber, Ontraport doesn’t have a free plan. But it has strategically designed paid plans, named Basic, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Basic Plan starts at $24 per month and includes unlimited email sending, drag-and-drop marketing automation, 2-way SMS marketing, and a custom email server domain.

Under the Plus Plan, you can avail of video hosting, tracked trigger lists, and automation webhooks for $83 per month.

The Pro Plan costs $124 per month and has additional features like split automation, deep funnel conversion tracking, transactional emails, and one-on-one email deliverability consulting.

With the Enterprise Plan, you can get custom contact, email lists, and private IP addresses for $249 a month.

AWeber ‘Plus’ Ontraport ‘Basic’ Cost Saved*
$29.99 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)
$24 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)

*Ontraport doesn’t offer standalone email marketing software. Instead, it has a full-fledged marketing automation platform. This is why it comes at a higher price than other email tools mentioned in this article.

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AWeber vs Sendinblue (Brevo)

AWeber Vs Sendinblue email marketing tool

Sendinblue (Brevo) is a marketing platform that helps you create aesthetically designed emails to drive conversions.

Besides, it creates an omnichannel presence for its users by bringing SMS, Facebook, email, CRM, and chat into one platform. 


  • Shared Inbox: Helps keep your teams organized and track customer emails.
  • Contact Segmentation: Enables you to group contacts as per needs and send targeted emails.
  • A/B Testing: Helps you discover the best content for your emails as well as the best time to send your emails.
  • Transactional Emails: Allows you to create automated email sequences for sending emails related to payments, such as invoicing, payment reminders, and so on.


Sendinblue pros

With a wide range of customizable tools and an easy-to-use interface, Sendinblue (Brevo) is one of the best email marketing platforms for individuals and small businesses.


Sendinblue cons

It can be difficult to create a drip email marketing campaign with Sendinblue (Brevo).


Sendinblue pricing

Sendinblue (Brevo) is preferred over AWeber as its free plan allows 300 emails per day, while the latter limits you to 3,000 emails per month. The Free Plan also includes a drag-and-drop editor, transactional emails, and customizable email templates.

Other than that, its pricing plan starts at $25 per month, also known as Starter Plan. Under the Starter Plan, you can get basic reporting and analytics, email support, and up to 20,000 emails a month.

The Business Plan costs $65 per month and boasts additional features such as marketing automation, A/B testing, multi-user access, advanced statistics, and send time optimization.

With the Enterprise Plan, there are advanced integrations, personalized support, tailored onboarding, and sub-account management. To avail of this plan, companies can contact Sendiblue’s sales team directly.

AWeber ‘Plus’ Sendinblue (Brevo) ‘Business’ Cost Saved
$159.99 / month
(Unlimited contacts)
$65 / month
(Unlimited contacts)

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AWeber vs GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign

Between AWeber, GetResponse, and ActiveCampaign, which email marketing platform is the best? 

If you are looking for a tool that is customized as per the size and type of business, choose GetResponse. Moreover, its simple pricing model makes it appealing to individuals and small businesses.

If you are looking for email marketing software that provides other marketing automation tools as well, ActiveCampaign is a better option. Further, it is more affordable compared to AWeber.

Features AWeber GetResponse ActiveCampaign
Audience targeting Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing Yes Yes Yes
Time optimization Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $159.99 / month
(Up to 25,000 contacts)
$142.68 / month
(up to 25,000 contacts)
$149 / month
(Unlimited contacts)

AWeber vs Campaign Monitor

AWeber Vs Campaign Monitor

Is Campaign Monitor better than AWeber? They sure have a lot of features in common, and Campaign Monitor offers both email and SMS marketing to help businesses expand their clientele and drive conversions.

Let us look at some of its other features. 


  • Drag-and-drop Email Builder: With a wide range of in-built email templates, you can create engaging email marketing campaigns or customize them as per your needs.
  • Analytics: Provides actionable insights into your email marketing strategies, including what is working, and performance metrics, and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Signup Forms: This helps you create embedded forms for your website to ensure that users can subscribe or sign up for your email newsletter hassle-free.
  • Integrations: Campaign Monitor is integrated with the most well-known sales and marketing apps, including Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, Facebook Lead Ads, and Unbounce. What’s more, you can also build your own app using Campaign Monitor’s API.


Campaign Monitor pros

A major benefit of using Campaign Monitor is that it helps create engaging and effective email marketing campaigns with just a few simple clicks.


Campaign Monitor cons

Customer service needs improvement.


Campaign Monitor pricing

With Campaign Monitor, you can choose from three types of plans – Basic, Unlimited, and Premier.

Campaign Monitor lacks the free plan, however, its Basic Plan costs $9 per month only. It has unlimited users, two-factor authentication, a drag-and-drop builder, custom-coded templates, transactional emails, and dynamic content personalization.

Under the Unlimited Plan, you can access additional tools like time-zone email sending, real-time reporting analytics, A/B testing, and mobile email optimization. It starts from $29 a month.

To access advanced tools such as send time optimization, advanced link tracking, and email section locking, choose the Premier Plan, which costs $149 per month.

AWeber ‘Plus’ Campaign Monitor ‘Unlimited’ Cost Saved
$29.99 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)
$29 / month
(Up to 500 contacts)

AWeber vs HubSpot

AWeber Vs HubSpot email automation tool

In case you are looking for a platform that offers free email marketing tools, HubSpot might be your best bet. 

It is an all-in-one sales, marketing, and CRM software with email marketing and automation as one of its key features. 


  • Email Personalization: Using a customer’s lifecycle stage, membership, and other relevant information, you can curate emails that are personalized to their needs.
  • A/B Testing and Analytics: Provides valuable insights into which email subject lines lead to the highest clickthrough and open rates, who engages with what emails and when, and the most popular email content.
  • CRM: With HubSpot’s CRM tool, you can instantly access the updated customer database instantly from the dashboard and create email marketing campaigns.
  • Free Email Templates: HubSpot provides several built-in email templates at no cost. All you need to do is use the drag-and-drop builder to craft professionally designed emails that deliver results.

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HubSpot pros

HubSpot’s email and landing page builders are highly intuitive and easy to use, making it convenient for first-time users to create effective marketing campaigns.


HubSpot cons

A key drawback of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is its pricing, which is higher compared to other AWeber competitors.


HubSpot pricing

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub offers three plans – Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Starter Plan costs $45 per month and includes up to 1,000 marketing contacts. It includes free tools like form and email automation, email marketing, landing page builder, live chat, and email and in-app chat support.

The Professional Plan comes with 2,000 marketing contacts, omnichannel marketing automation, dynamic content personalization, contact, company scoring, campaign management, and A/B testing. It starts from $800 per month.

With the Enterprise Plan, you can avail of up to 10,000 marketing contacts, object customization, predictive lead scoring, behavioral event triggers and reporting, and single sign-on, for $3,600 a month.

AWeber ‘Plus’ HubSpot ‘Starter’ Cost Saved*
$39.99 / month
(Unlimited contacts)
$45 / month
(Unlimited contacts)

*HubSpot doesn’t offer standalone email marketing software. Instead, it has a full-fledged marketing automation platform. For this reason, HubSpot pricing can be much higher than the pricing of other email tools mentioned in this article.

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AWeber vs Mailchimp vs GetResponse

GetResponse is ideal for those who are looking to expand their clientele using website traffic. Further, if you want to build visually appealing emails, GetResponse is a better alternative to  Mailchimp and AWeber.

In case you are searching for email marketing platforms that provide a large variety of tools at lower prices, Mailchimp is a better option. 

However, AWeber and GetResponse boast simpler pricing models, which can be customized according to the number of email contacts you want.

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Wrap Up

So, which email marketing tool is better than AWeber? 

Several email marketing tools provide a wide range of features at lower prices than AWeber. 

However, the best choice depends on various factors, including price, industry, business size, and others. 

If you found this post helpful or have suggestions for email software comparison, let us know in the comments.

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