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Cloud CRM Analytics

Track customer behavior metrics with ease. With EngageBay's free cloud crm, get a deep view into relevant stats such as pages read, time spent per page and more. Use the cloud based crm system's powerful email tracker to track your prospect's actions with your email. Be in the know when someone opens or clicks a link in the email. EngageBay's best cloud CRM software has it all figured out for you.

CRM Analytics

Simplicity In Contact Management

Our free Cloud CRM allows you to have a bird's-eye-view of all your contacts/leads as well as each interaction you have ever had with them. So monitor all your contacts and companies in a single location. Know and do more with deeper customer insights and empower yourself and your team to sell better with our sales cloud crm. Forge stronger customer relationships to convert complete strangers into happy customers with EngageBay's best Cloud CRM.

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Automated Appointments and Tasks Scheduling

Streamline your sales processes by creating and adding appointments and tasks automatically when your agent is assigned a lead. Now each sales agent can publish their own calendar or a team calendar so that leads may schedule appointments automatically. This can be very time saving and optimal. EngageBay's complete cloud based CRM software makes life easier for you.

Appointment scheduling

Gamifying Sales

Now you can gamify your sales processes in easy steps in our free cloud CRM. Keep your entire sales team driven and focused by posting leaderboards and rewarding achievers. Use breakthrough features such as goal-setting, self-reflection and feedback to drive the results you need and ensure sales performance excellence.

sales gamification

Lead Nurturing

Make the best of EngageBay's Call Scripts to help your sales personnel deliver magic on every call . The main purpose of these scripts is to help your sales team to nurture the lead while ensuring they are never at a loss of words during a call. Lie back and let the best Cloud CRM work for you.

Lead nurturing

Call from the Cloud CRM

Now receive as well as make calls to your contact groups in your contacts list without ever leaving your CRM. Eliminate call errors such as misdialing, longer wait times and frequent call drops. EngageBay's Call Broadcast feature auto-dials numbers pertaining to a selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents as a smooth feature of your free Cloud CRM for small business.

telephony crm

Sales Gamification

Gamify your sales processes in simple steps in our free sales CRM. Keep your entire sales team motivated and focused by publishing leaderboards and rewarding the winners. Use goal-setting, self-reflection and feedback to drive the sales behaviors you need and the overall sales performance excellence.

sales gamification in engagebay crm

Custom Reports

Create customized reports using different criteria and generate metrics needed to improve your sales agents performance in EngageBay's best sales CRM. Understand how your agents are engaging with customers with our custom reporting see in real-time how they are performing against set goals.

sales reporting in engagebay
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