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EngageBay’s award-winning free simple CRM software is so easy to use, a seventh grader can use it effortlessly.

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Save Your Precious Time

EngageBay's really simple CRM software helps your team to automate regular tasks such as manual data entry and continuous referencing to save a lot of their precious time. This simple CRM is replete with intelligent integrations that helps sync data from other tools instantly. This enables everyone to focus on other core tasks and enhance organizational efficiency.

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Collaborate Holistically From a Single Interface

EngageBay's free simple CRM for small business ensures that everybody stays on the same page. Your team members can easily share relevant information, designate tasks and activities, monitor real-time deal progress, and execute follow-ups, all from a single-view interface. With a host of time-saving features, the simple CRM system makes sure that all your time is used optimally.

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Tailor Your Simple CRM Your Way

EngageBay's powerful yet simple CRM software offers you a world of customizations, so you can set up a workflow that is most suited to your business, automate the complete flow, and lie back. Automating processes can enhance productivity exponentially and help close more deals. Your CRM needs to be flexible enough to work around your needs.

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Burn-proof Your Pockets

Your simple CRM should not be setting you back a fortune and we are sensitive to this. Your growing business cannot entertain unnecessary expenses at an early stage. With EngageBay's most affordable CRM, you get a powerful set of features that are crucial to run your business, at a fraction of the cost that others are charging. Our simple CRM for small businesses helps you grow your small business without you having to compromise your budget.

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Enjoy Multiple Integrations For A Hassle-free Workflow

The benchmark for a good CRM is that it needs to be connected with all the apps that are essential to running your business. At EngageBay, we ensure that you have access to some of the most relevant integrations for seamless tasks execution. Not only does this optimize and streamline work, but it also helps close more deals. EngageBay's best simple CRM software integrations ensure that you will never have to look outside for a point solution.

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Close More Deals

The whole purpose of a simple CRM is to show more deals their closure. With EngageBay's easy to use CRM, your sales team will be the happiest one around. With its superior features, EngageBay’s best simple CRM not only makes work a pleasure, but it also affects the bottomline positively. EngageBay's many happy customers are testimony to this fact.

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Lessens administrative work

Now say goodbye to monotonous, manual data entry. With the right software platform, you’ll not be required to handle as much data, and will have more time to focus on your core job, i.e. to sell.

Ease of use and implementation

A simple CRM software need not be a weekly reporting platform. In fact, sales management software should be an easy single reference point for all your sales tracking needs.

Integration of complete toolset

Having a seamless, unified, single and streamlined view of your complete sales process allows you enhanced clarity, and keeps your entire team on the same page. Supporting apps and integrations is also a necessity.


The best way to customize and mold the ideal software for your unique business needs is to go for a flexible sales management system that is easy to adjust and tweak. The more adaptable it is to change, the easier it is to personalize it as per your needs.

Complete mobility

Mobility and multi-channel accessibility is a game-changer you’re actively selling. Simple CRM system apps make sales management on the go easier, and seamless integration capabilities make it impossible for information to fall through the cracks.

Designed for salespeople

Salespeople require process-customizable software, designed for their unique needs. While using old-school CRMs may get the work done, using tools that were specifically built to drive sales and manage leads makes the real difference.

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