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Deals in EngageBay Explained

Deals are crucial to the sales process. EngageBay's Deals feature offers you powerful tools to convert every opportunity. With this, you can create multiple deal tracks with custom milestones, trigger automatic follow-ups and receive real-time metrics. EngageBay’s free CRM for small business with deals offers you a customizable sales platform for clearer insights, consistent results, and smarter sales force automation.

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Easy To Use Drag & Drop Interface

Streamline your process with EngageBay's powerful visual drag-and-drop workflow. Drag deals between milestones for sales process tracking and sales process automation. Seamlessly edit details and re-assign. Make the most of every opportunity to close.

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Create, Tweak & Customize Deals

Add new events and opportunities and manage your sales pipelines more accurately. Integrate crucial information such as deal value, owner, probability and close date. Assign it to a particular track and use milestones to automate the sales process and then monitor its progress.

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Repeatable Pipelines With Multiple Deal Tracks

Deals move through tracks or pipelines in EngageBay’s crm with deals pipeline. You can create numerous tracks with separate milestones for each track. Easily manage your sales pipeline for different products or services, target new verticals or larger clients, move CRM deals between tracks, and customize the entire sales process.

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Deal Nodes & Triggers For Sales Force Automation

Deal nodes and triggers enable automation of follow-ups, expedites pipeline deals crm closure and engages new customers. Trigger automated workflows when a deal is won or lost, or whenever a milestone is changed. Automatically send emails, documents, texts and tweets. Automatically assign sales tasks to different team members.

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Multiple Views For Better Insight And Productivity

EngageBay's list views and milestone views in a visually rich presentation allows you to gain deep insights into your sales process and increase productivity. The milestone view lets you drag and drop CRM deals between milestones. The list view includes graphical metrics and a compact list of all of your company's opportunities.

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Search And Sort With EngageBay's Deal Filters

EngageBay grows along with your business. As your business grows, use filters to find exactly what you're looking for with just a click. Find all pipeline deals crm belonging to a particular sales rep, filter by value range, or see only currently active opportunities. You can also import and export deals as CSV files.

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View Deal Metrics With Powerful Analytics

Get advanced metrics at your fingertips. Add personalized dashlets to your EngageBay CRM deal tracker dashboard for real-time deal views, including revenue graphs, deal funnels, pending deals, and deals by milestone.

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