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Sell More And Draft Less

With EngageBay's easy to create and customizable email newsletter templates, your team can stop drafting individual sales or marketing emails and focus on other core areas such as selling. Create the email template once, save it and use it for multiple repetitive tasks without the need for constant manual intervention. Send the email marketing templates to one-off leads or an entire groups via sequences, broadcasts, and automated email.

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Send Template Emails Directly In Your Email

EngageBay helps you access a repository of built-in email marketing templates crafted for every single step of your customer’s journey, it also lets you create your own template or import them from third-party sites. Inside your inbox, your email templates are only just a click away – whether you use Windows, Gmail, Outlook or Office 365. You’ll save precious time too.

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View Real-Time Metrics To Optimize Your Email Marketing Templates

With EngageBay's real-time metrics help you sift the high-performing email templates from the lesser ones. Your open and click rates data will explain which subject lines, buttons, links, and attachments are working for you. The metrics may be viewed across all of your email templates, for an individual sales rep, and over any time period – it’s all there in your dashboard.

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Be Big And Share Your Templates

Help your team seal more deals by sharing your best performing email newsletter templates with them. To understand your most efficient and high-performing templates, understand which email templates are sent, opened, and engaged with the most. Thereafter, allow your team to access these beautiful email templates right within their inboxes. This way, everybody has the best email content to help optimize conversions.

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