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Email templates are code (HTML) files that are reusable. Once the HTML code of an email template is in place, the same email, with all its text, colors, images, headers and footers, logos, etc., can be reused in other emails you send.

For any business owner or manager, email templates for marketing help scale up the outreach, as the work of writing or designing emails from scratch every time is cut down. This saves time and helps the sales team tremendously.

While there are no defining restrictions to the types of email sequences that may be set up, there are few email sequences that are fundamental. These are:

At a time when every person receives emails by the hundreds every day, it can be a formidable task to design a powerful email that gets a quick response. Once you have done that, though, the email should help in future campaigns too.

Instead of starting anew next time, you can use your effective marketing email template to improve the appeal of your other emails. You also get to maintain a brand image consistency, create a personalized campaign, and save loads of time when you design and delegate for multiple campaigns a potent marketing or sales email template.

Email templates are most often used to send out newsletters, and other updates of the regular kind. You may need to keep your customers or leads updated with the latest information on products, services or offers from your business, and this work can get exhausting if you have to start from scratch every time.

Use email templates and save time and effort without compromising on your outreach. Use EngageBay’s email templates and email automation or autoresponder features to get the best out of your regular email updates.

Each marketing email template you design should increase your engagement with your leads. To get there, you need to have clarity of the results you want. Once you know exactly what kind of response you are looking for, you can tailor the email template to deliver on your goal.

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