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The Definitive Lead Generation Guide

The ultimate guide to lead generation. Read about lead segmentation, 360-degree lead management, B2B lead generation, lead generation best practices, & more.

lead gen definition
Chapter - 1

What Is a Lead?

Leads are your potential customers but not all leads become customers. What does this mean?

lead gen importance
Chapter - 2

Importance of Lead Generation

Lead generation offers great return on investment (ROI). It’s far more affordable than direct advertising of your products.

Lead and Prospect
Chapter - 3

Difference Between a Lead and a Prospect

Leads have come into contact with your products, but may or may not be interested. Prospects are interested, but aren’t buying yet.

master lead generation
Chapter - 4

Master Lead Generation

Create buyer personas, score leads, use PPC marketing and targeted landing pages, make tailored offers …

Landing Pages for Email Campaigns
Chapter - 5

Lead Generation Best Practices

Learn best practices for generating leads for your company.

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