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Functions of Task Manager CRM

Task assignment

Assign tasks to the right agent, and they’ll automatically receive the task on their window. Automate recurring tasks and deliver projects using our project management tool.


Use EngageBay’s powerful reports to get a comprehensive view of your tasks and their progress.


Set the system up to send alerts automatically when a new task is assigned, when a task is due soon, or when the task instructions have changed.

Visual tool

Seamlessly move task tiles from one column to another to update your task status – it’s even easier than it sounds!


Prioritize your tasks so that your team and you can focus on the most important ones. Set deadlines, escalate overdue tasks, and streamline team collaboration.

Task types

Add task types to add another layer of information – email, call, todo, follow-up, and more – and help your agents deliver results on time. Managing tasks has never been easier.

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Client Testimonials

Task Manager CRM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A task manager CRM (Customer Relationship Management) lets you automate, assign, and streamline tasks with ease. EngageBay’s task management system connects with the CRM to help you seamlessly manage tasks and conduct your business without the need for multiple tools – this eliminates inconsistencies, boosts productivity, and ultimately helps you bring in more revenue.

EngageBay’s project management software offers a visual drag-and-drop interface to help you swiftly arrange your tasks based on priority, type, and status. You can add notes, connect them with the intended contact, deal, or company, and even add an email reminder. EngageBay offers metrics, KPIs, and other insights through its dashboard so that you get a bird’s eye view of your team’s performance.

Yes, you get the task management tool for free with EngageBay’s free forever plan. This plan also offers a host of other useful tools to help small business owners and solopreneurs get started. Segmentation, autoresponders, dashboards, live chat, customer support, project templates, knowledge base system, landing pages, email broadcasts, task and deal management – these are just a few of the incredible EngageBay offers for free.

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