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Contact Management Simplified

Our free Social CRM helps you view of all your contacts/leads and also every interaction you have ever had with them. So get a complete 360-degree view of all your contacts and companies from within a single frame. Get deeper customer insights and empower yourself and your team to sell better with our Social CRM. Forge stronger customer relationships to convert complete strangers into happy customers with EngageBay's social software.

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Lead Nurturing

Use EngageBay's Call Scripts to help your sales personnel deliver efficiency and great service on every call . These scripts help your sales team members to nurture the lead while ensuring they are never at a loss of words during a call. Lie back and let EngageBay's Social Media CRM do the work for you.

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Calling from the Social Media CRM

Now receive and also make calls to your contact groups in your contacts list without ever leaving your CRM. Do away with errors such as misdialing, longer wait times and frequent call drops. EngageBay's Call Broadcast feature auto-dials numbers of your selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents as an intrinsic feature of the Social CRM software.


Sales Gamification

Now you can gamify your sales processes in easy steps in our free social media customer relationship management software. Keep your entire sales team motivated, driven and focused on their deliverables by posting leaderboards and rewarding achievers. Use breakthrough features such as goal-setting, self-reflection and feedback to drive the results you need and ensure sales excellence.


Knowing Your Audience's Needs

EngageBay's Social CRM brings in real-time data to provide invaluable insights into their preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. With the help of this information, all your teams (marketing, sales, support) may be empowered to deliver customized and tailor made services and resolution to possible issues instantly, thereby ensuring seamless, enhanced and consistent customer experience.


Reduce Noise With Relevant Content

Social media is full of noise today. There is a world of random information being published out there. With EngageBay's best Social CRM, you can cut down this noise drastically. Make the most of the information gathered from the social CRM and create meaningful and engaging content pieces to publish across the right channels to generate maximum traction and engagement. Deliver unmatched customer experience, each time.

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