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EngageBay CRM’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other third-party applications makes it a truly enterprise-level software. The EngageBay API system helps developers create integrations on top of the APIs to extend the platform's capabilities. EngageBay’s API is available in Rest, Java, .NET, JavaScript, and PHP for both frontend and backend development.


EngageBay's Rest API enables businesses to easily and securely access their customer data, enabling them to create more powerful and personalized interactions.

Single Sign On

EngageBay’s SSO is designed to save businesses time and money by simplifying the login process. Eliminate the need for multiple passwords and usernames.

Tracking Code API

The EngageBay Tracking Code API makes it easy to keep track of your customers' interactions with your website or app. Offer your customers the best possible experience.


EngageBay Webhooks let you easily receive real-time information from other applications. Just configure your webhook URL and we'll take care of the rest.

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Integrate Seamlessly With REST APIs

EngageBay’s REST API allows developers to create integrations and functional applications easily. The API is structured around REST, HTTPS, and JSON/XML to help developers deploy RESTful APIs without much hassle. Our standardized and comprehensive reference documentationoffers authentication instructions, error codes and descriptions, CRM objects, and more

Deploy Objects Quickly

EngageBay represents a host of CRM objects in JSON, including contacts, companies, events, sequences, user profiles, products, and deals. The API endpoint URLs are organized around these resources and use HTTP methods to indicate the actions to be taken on them. EngageBay’s API also offers HTTP status codes to express error states.

In addition, EngageBay offers Webhooks to allow the platform to transmit real-time data to other applications. EngageBay also provides Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate users.

Our APIs and documentation are available onGitHub We regularly update our API library and are constantly adding new CRM objects

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