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Responsive Contact Management

EngageBay's mobile CRM allows you to access contact data and information at anytime and anyplace directly from the mobile CRM app. Manage your contacts and prospects better by viewing and responding to their queries in real-time, checking past interactions and purchase history and all other contact level-information right from EngageBay’s mobile CRM app.

contact management

Unified Team Communication

The CRM mobile app allows you to communicate across verticals for seamless work management across teams. Share information, documents, reports and communicate efficiently using EngageBay's mobility ecosystem. This helps all the team members to be accessible and collaborative at all times.

Record conversations

Sales on the Fly

EngageBay's mobile CRM software lets your sales personnel stay connected through a cloud-enabled system. Don't miss out on important information even if you are out on the field. Share routine information such as daily sales reports, performance reports on the free mobile CRM app!

crm reporting

Simple and Intuitive Interface

The smart, responsive dashboard in the mobile CRM app will help you track, monitor and manage activities, leads and conversions, all from a single-view interface. Increase productivity and be on top of things when you choose to use the best CRM app.

Call Scripts

Call Broadcast

Use EngageBay’s Call Broadcast feature to automate the process of dialing numbers. Unlike manual dialing, it auto-dials the phone numbers of a selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents. This automated dialing system eliminates the various call constraints such as misdialing, excessive wait times and call drops, etc. EngageBay Call Broadcast is widely used across many call centers as this significantly increases agent productivity.

Call Broadcast
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