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Enhance Web Engagement With EngageBay's Web Push Notifications

With EngageBay's easy to setup and device-friendly website push notifications, deliver a holistic experience and take web engagement to the next level. Deliver messages in real-time to your customers, drive traffic and conversions, and increase retention by sharing the right message at the right time and the right place.

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Enjoy Targeted And Effective Messaging

Show your messages directly on the customer's device without having to go through email spam filters. To receive EngageBay's web push notifications, users are not required to download applications or visit websites. A simple, one-step opt-in is all that is needed for the notifications to get activated.

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Lead Nurturing Made Easier

With EngageBay's mobile push notifications, nurturing leads becomes a cinch. Create and execute intelligent lead nurture campaigns and reach out to your customers in a timely manner to deliver the right message at the right time and at their moment-of-intent.

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Customize And Personalize Communication

EngageBay's website push notifications allow you to add custom icons, images, text, and links to encourage the user to take the intended action. All kinds of messaging such as seasonal offers, promotional discounts, product updates, event reminders, surveys or utility messages such as traffic, weather, and sports updates. Preview notifications to anticipate customer experience and ensure you never go wrong with your messaging.

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Enjoy Easy Reporting With Superior Contact Level Analytics

Tracking clicks and conversions in real-time on the contact timelines to assess the efficiency of your push marketing campaigns. The 360 degree process flow available in the EngageBay application also allows you to create leads automatically through website push notifications.

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