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Assigning Lead Scores To Your Contacts

Simply put, lead scores are numbers/points that you assign to your contacts on the basis of their interactivity with your business. For example, award them points when they visit your website, submit a form, etc. The reverse may be done as well, which means you can deduct points in case a contact unsubscribes from a campaign, email bounces, etc. Once these points are added to or deducted from their lead score (the lowest score being zero), you can easily identify the most potential contact within the group simply by looking at their score, and then take the next viable steps.

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Automate Lead Qualification With EngageBay's Predictive Lead Scoring

While it is totally possible to score your leads manually, EngageBay takes the experience a step further and allows you to automate the scoring process. EngageBay’s predictive lead scoring intuitively parses through multiple data points and the scoring criteria that is pre-defined, in order to identify your best leads, automatically. You can pre-define the number points they get (or are deducted) when you set up your lead scoring model. In case a lead reaches a particular score, you can trigger relevant notifications, segmented email lists, etc. For a lead's offline activities, you can score them manually.

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Make Qualified Leads Sales Ready

When a lead has reached a certain score for sales readiness, s/he is instantly qualified by the marketing predictive lead scoring system, which then automatically passes the lead to sales. The entire history of the leads interactivity to reach the qualification stage is at the sales rep's fingertips via EngageBay’s 360-degree contact view. Further, the insights that the sales rep gains from this holistic contact view empowers him to take better decisions.

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Be Big And Share Your Templates

Help your team seal more deals by sharing your best performing email newsletter templates with them. To understand your most efficient and high-performing templates, understand which email templates are sent, opened, and engaged with the most. Thereafter, allow your team to access these beautiful email templates right within their inboxes. This way, everybody has the best email content to help optimize conversions.

Here are a few examples of the various touch-points to set up your lead scoring rules upon:

Email opens ->Pricing page visited ->Product purchased ->Automation completed ->Lead magnet downloaded ->Product page visited ->Cart abandoned ->Webinar registration ->Contact country.

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