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Study The Market And Know What Competitors Are Doing

In your market, it is crucial to monitor your competitors since they are already familiar with your target personas, successful marketing strategies that bring in results, and even creating the best sales proposals. This information, in turn, gives you deeper insights and newer ideas to include in your proposal while pitching. Create unique value props and stay one up on the competition.

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Be Prepared And Ask Yourself Questions

While researching for potential clients, ask yourself questions such as what are their needs, what problems do they have, how can you help them understand those problems, how your product can help resolve the problems, and why they should buy from you. This will help you create highly personalized sales proposals in alignment with their needs and problems and will increase your chances of selling to them.

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Pay Attention To Your Sales Proposal Structure

There is no substitute for a well-defined sales proposal. Along with an easy to read body it needs to be simple, clear and concise. Some of the important components of a structured sales proposal are: introducing yourself/your business, defining the customer's needs and challenges, describing your role in addressing those challenges, the benefits of adopting your solution, helping them understand the cost element involved, and a well summarized conclusion.

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Following Up On Your Sales Proposal

Silence does not mean disinterest or refusal. It may be that the customer just didn’t get a chance to open your email in time, and it slipped through the cracks in the inbox. Or that they saw your email but couldn’t write back to you as promptly as you were hoping. So the key is to be positive and never lose sight of the opportunity to close the deal. EngageBay's intuitive sales proposal software has cool templates that allow you to know whether the customer has accepted your proposal or not, in a number of ways such as following up with an interactive popup form, an email or a phone call.

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