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Benefits of auto dialer software

Optimize Call Center Operations

Eliminate the glitches that are part of manual dialing such as hanging up, misdirecting, and additional latency.

Increase Agent Productivity

By switching from manual to automatic dialing, increase your agents' productivity.

Reduce Idle Time

Your agents need not waste time handling disconnected, unanswered, and busy calls, and can focus more on customer interaction and driving sales.

Avoid Unproductive Numbers

Detect unproductive numbers such as Do Not Disturb (DND) and fax lines. Integrate cloud-based autodialers with customer relationship management (CRM) systems seamlessly.

Generate More Leads

Interact with more customers and warm prospects by reducing agent talk time. Maximize lead generation and increase the possibility of sales.

Convert More Leads

Set and adjust time zones for each marketing campaign to reach out to your prospects in their time zones and increase the chances of conversion.

Monitor Performance in Real-Time

With the auto-dialer's user-friendly interface, generate multiple reports based on real time data. Check these reports to monitor call center activity and measure agent productivity.

Manage Multiple Marketing Campaigns

Run and monitor multiple marketing campaigns at once and also conduct market research and promote your products/services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We are here to answer them

An auto dialer, also known as an automatic dialer is an electronic device or software that automatically dials telephone numbers from a database. It can be programmed to leave messages for people on answering machines, receive recorded responses or dial telephone numbers for an operator. Auto dialers are extensively used in call centers, telemarketing and customer support. Auto dialers are used with telephones, pager networks or mobile phones. Once calls are established, auto dialers announce verbal messages or transmit digital data to caller parties.

There are many benefits for sales teams in using a predictive dialer. Some of these are:

Lower costs for outbound calling: The lesser the idle time, more are the conversations. Engagement and communication has a greater potential for closing more sales.

Optimization of time and work: It is obvious that dialing numbers manually can take more time than automated dialing. And let's not forget the time spent listening to a dial tone. Using a predictive dialer eliminates most of it, resulting in more conversations much faster.

Improving the reach rate: A predictive dialer analyzes each call, and filters out the unproductive ones, passing over only the genuine calls answered by real people. This, in turn, can increase your reach rates substantially.

More lead engagement time: Saving time by not having to dial numbers manually means that you can focus on each lead for longer. You no longer need to go through the call list quickly. Instead, you can concentrate on what you really love doing – connecting with and engaging prospects.

Auto-dialers can boost your business communication in several ways such as:

It is time-saving:

Making outbound calls manually to a large number of customers is a lengthy and time-consuming process. An automatic dialer ensures an organized, quick and scalable outbound calling process.

Reduces dependency on manpower:

Auto dialer software helps reduce dependency on human resources by increasing the productivity of your agents, thereby allowing businesses to get more done with fewer resources.

Increases sales:

An auto dialer can make more calls than a human caller in the same time frame, and also can make calls in parallel. This efficiency significantly increases a company’s sales.

Increases revenue:

By using an automated dialer software, businesses can generate and convert more leads, ultimately resulting in higher revenue.

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