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How Is EngageBay The Best Alternative to Sendinblue?


Although Sendinblue has a forever-free plan, its paid plans can be quite expensive for small and growing enterprises. EngageBay’s Basic Plan starts at $11.99 per user per month while its most expensive plan , the Pro Plan, costs $99.99 per user per month and includes unlimited contacts. On the other hand, Sendinblue’s Enterprise plan costs $1,000/month.

Customer Support

EngageBay is known for its efficient and highly-responsive customer support team. Moreover, you can reach out to them through multiple channels, including phone calls, live chat, knowledge base, or watch their video tutorials. With Sendinblue, however, there are no live chat or video tutorials available. Furthermore, users have stated that Sendinblue’s customer service team is slow to respond.

Built for Growing Companies

Sendinblue’s pricing model is intended for large and established companies. EngageBay, on the other hand, is designed for everyone – from solopreneurs to small businesses and growing enterprises. It is affordably priced and boasts features such as video tutorials, guides, and free onboarding to help users get started.

Products Offered

Sendinblue mainly offers marketing automation and sales CRM for email and SMS marketing. EngageBay, however, boasts an all-in-one suite, with marketing, CRM, sales, and customer support. Businesses can either choose the all-in-one platform, or purchase only the ones they need.


EngageBay offers a wider range of features as compared to Sendinblue. For instance, under its free Plan, EngageBay offers up to 500 contacts, 1000 branded emails, segmentation, predictive lead scoring, tag management, reporting dashboard, landing pages, in-built email templates, and up to 500MB of file storage space. By contrast, Sendinblue includes fewer tools like email marketing, built-in templates, SMS marketing, email and SMS personalization, and a single chat, under the free Plan.

Simplify Marketing, Sales, & Support with the best free
All-In-One CRM software

Free for 15 users No credit card required

Customer Reviews of Sendinblue

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Best Sendinblue Alternative

Features Sendinblue EngageBay
Live chat
A/B testing
Predictive lead scoring
Send newsletters
What Is EngageBay?

EngageBay offers a single platform for all your activities, including marketing, sales, and customer service at affordable pricing. It empowers you with tools that help identify new opportunities, generate leads, and convert them into paying customers. The platform onboards users free of cost and provides the highest number of contacts and subscribers among all its competitors.

Simplify Marketing, Sales, & Support with the best free
All-In-One CRM software

Free for 15 users No credit card required

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Client Testimonials

EngageBay Is The Best Alternative to Sendinblue

Get More Tools At Lower Prices.

EngageBay offers a comprehensive marketing, sales, and service automation tool that caters to both small and large businesses. Businesses can either choose to buy the all-in-one suite or opt for the ones they need. Its seamless integration of marketing, sales, and customer support teams aims to offer an enhanced experience to its users, saving a lot of time and money.

Sendinblue, on the other hand, is ideal for companies looking to create effective email and SMS marketing campaigns. It does not provide a wide range of products like EngageBay and is only suitable for large and established enterprises, given its high pricing plans.

Here is how EngageBay compares with Sendinblue at an individual level.

Sendinblue EngageBay
Pricing and Plans
Plans start at $25/m
Plans start at $11.99 per user per month
Implementation time
Several weeks
Few hours
Annual commitments

EngageBay’s marketing bay helps create effective email and SMS marketing campaigns and offers a range of in-built email and landing page templates. While Sendinblue too has such tools, they can be costly and only have a limited number of advanced features.

Sendinblue EngageBay
Email marketing
Email sequences
Site messaging
Push notifications
Contact segmentation
Web forms
Sales automation

Sales automation helps teams automate their workflows such as lead identification, lead generation, and lead nurturing. While Sendinblue also has a sales automation tool, it offers fewer features as compared to EngageBay, and at higher prices.

Sendinblue EngageBay
In-CRM telephony
Schedule appointments
Email personalization
Customer segmentation
Deal automation
Custom leaderboards
Contact Management Software

Contact management helps create omnichannel communication within an organization, helping customers get in touch with a company through multiple channels. With EngageBay’s contact management software, clients can get in touch with businesses through phone calls, video conferencing, emails, and live chat.

Sendinblue EngageBay
Email personalization
Exit popups
A/B landing pages
Custom domain
Live chat
SMS automation
Drip campaigns
Email sequences
Landing pages

Both EngageBay and Sendinblue offer a wide range of predefined templates to build landing pages for various conditions.

Sendinblue EngageBay
Drag-and-drop editor
Customizable templates
Services/Support Module

EngageBay offers a complete suite of service automation tools to delight your customers and increase customer satisfaction. These tools are even integrated with the marketing and sales components, which streamlines the entire business operations. Thus, it makes for a perfect Sendinblue alternative. Sendinblue only offers live chat options and does not offer a helpdesk and ticketing system, support groups, canned responses, and more.

Sendinblue EngageBay
Helpdesk and ticketing
Knowledge base
Live chat
Canned responses
Support groups

Simplify Marketing, Sales, & Support with the best free
All-In-One CRM software

Free for 15 users No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Yes, EngageBay offers free CRM with a wide range of features, including marketing automation, deal management, contact management, segmentation, URL customization, exit popups, 360-degree customer view, and so on.

No, EngageBay’s onboarding is completely free of cost. We also offer migration services.

EngageBay offers a range of products for different teams: Marketing Bay, Service Bay, CRM & Sales Bay, and an All-in-One Suite. Sendinblue, on the other hand, offers only email and SMS marketing features. Further, EngageBay’s affordable pricing makes it suitable for all kinds of enterprises, while Sendinblue is ideal for large and established companies.

Yes, EngageBay has a live chat tool through which customers can contact its customer support team.

EngageBay offers up to 500 contacts and 1000 branded emails in its free plan.

Unlimited Users Free Forever

With a great range of products backed by a highly efficient support team, EngageBay promises to make your sales, marketing, and customer support even more effective.

  • Affordable
  • Free for up to 15 users
  • No credit card information required
  • All-in-one software
  • Free onboarding and product demo sessions

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