CRM Telephony to provide contextually relevant conversations

Integrate your phone calls with EngageBay's CRM Telephony so your team can have data-backed, context-rich conversation on every call.

EngageBay's CRM Telephony

Take customer interaction to a whole new level with our industry-leading telephony capabilities and third-party integrations.

Dial with a single-click

Improve your productivity by making calls from right inside EngageBay CRM. While you're accessing any of your leads or contacts, just click the call icon to start a call.

Dial with a single-click

Timely reminders to ensure that you never miss another call

Between monitoring multiple deals and having to get dozens of tasks done, it's hard to keep track of each call you need to make. With EngageBay's telephony feature's prompt reminders of your upcoming calls, you'll never miss out on them.

Timely reminders

Personalized customer-focused service

Even if you have hundreds of customers, you can greet them all by name when you connect your phones with EngageBay’s CRM Telephony. Start building customer relationships by seeing past conversations, notes, and tasks associated with each customer.

Personalized customer-focused service

Save time with automatic call logging

With automatic call logging in EngageBay's CRM Telephony, manual data entry is obsolete. Use the call pop-up window to add notes, create follow-up tasks, or assign the contact you spoke with to a sales rep.

automatic call logging

Call analytics & tracking

Measure the performance of your sales team and motivate them to improve with call analytics. Built-in charts and reports let you visualize your call data, and help you figure out how to provide a better customer experience.

Call analytics & tracking
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