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Schedule Appointments Easily

Make it easy for both yourself as well as your clients to schedule appointments with EngageBay's breakthrough sales management software. Share your calendar link in your signature or as a part of the email content and give your clients the power to schedule appointments at their convenience. Set up automatic reminders for scheduled events and get notified before the meeting to avoid missing out. Automatically get all your appointments on your Google or office 365 calendars on to EngageBay and have all your appointments shown in one place. Never miss an important meeting again. EngageBay's CRM for sales sets you free.

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Track Emails

Among EngageBay's many powerful sales management tools is the email tracker that helps you keep track of your prospects' actions. Get notified when a recipient opens an email or clicks a link within the email. Set up automations based on these actions to engage with hot leads at just the right moment and increase conversions with our efficient sales management system.

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Make calls directly from the CRM

Call your customers directly from EngageBay sales management software. For this, there is no additional hardware or software installations required. Further, calls are automatically recorded into the software for future reference and record. All these special features are intrinsic to EngageBay's sales leads management software.

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