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Client Testimonials

Benefits of Marketing Campaigns

Aligning Marketing Campaign Goals

For a successful marketing campaign, ensure that your set goals are fully aligned and relevant to the objective. Your campaign needs to be both unique, as well as to keep your goals in mind.

Defining Success

Defining your objectives and expectations before initiating your marketing campaign is crucial. Identify your KPIs (key performance indicators) and measurable metrics and balance them.

Exercising Due Diligence

The best understanding of your audience happens when they are most accessible. Testing your marketing campaigns will throw up valuable insights about your customers and is key to success.

Formulating Campaign Strategy

Before initiating your campaign, identify the most effective marketing channels for the campaign objectives. Look through all the possible channels and tie them back to the aim of the campaign.

Channel-Centric Planning

Planning on a channel by channel basis to ensure the right results is critical. A marketing campaign requires commitment, preparation, knowledge and testing to achieve the best results.

Leveraging Testimonials

A third-party recommendation or positive assessment of your business has much more significance than self-promoting. Testimonials deliver the message home effectively.

Mapping Out Your Timeline

Finally, nothing will work unless the marketing campaign is well planned and measured. Creating a robust timeline is critical as is tweaking and fine-tuning throughout the campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We are here to answer them

Marketing campaigns are the core basis of lead generation and revenue growth for all types of businesses. While they may be as simple as a four email sequence, they may also be quite complicated, such as multichannel campaigns involving social media, email marketing, phone calls, SMS marketing, and more. Raising brand awareness and generating demand for your product or service is the primary objective. Remember to consider a robust software such as EngageBay's marketing campaigns to execute the most effective and engaging campaigns.

As an example, if your campaign consists of a sequence of any number of emails that gradually build up to your primary objective, marketing automation lets you create all of these in advance. These can not only include your calls to action for every email in the sequence, but also allow you to configure the system to send each email to your target leads at preset intervals of time. Once set up, you can leave it to the system to do the rest, automatically. Thereafter, you can set up triggers such that each time a desired action has taken place, the system automatically scores the lead. You can also set automatic alerts for notifying your sales team every time a lead is qualified, so that timely engagement is enabled. While this is a basic example of automation, in reality, you can render your campaign as simple or as complicated as required, and there are no limits to what marketing automation can do to facilitate this.

  • convince your audience that they have a need.
  • Demonstrate how your product or service solves that need.
  • Prove that your solution will serve their purpose better than those of your competitors.
  • Persuade then to educate themselves better about your product/service by setting up a demo with your Sales team.

Once the prospects have been connected to the Sales team, leave it between them to close the deal.

There are many benefits of executing a well planned marketing campaign. Some of these are:

  • It optimizes and helps you best use the limited opportunity to connect with leads.

  • It improves sales and marketing alignment by sending marketing qualified leads to sales, and eliminating wasted time cold leads.

  • It keeps everyone on the same page by centralizing data, allowing both marketing and sales to see every touch point that each lead had with you, in a chronological timeline.

  • It saves time by eliminating the overlap that comes from sales and marketing working in silos.

  • It enhances productivity by enabling individual teams to carry out their respective part of the process

  • It drives lead acquisition, increases lead conversion, and allows you to close more deals, which drives revenue growth and business expansion.

Managing a marketing campaign starts with planning it. Starting with clear-cut objectives and well-defined KPIs (key performance indicators) helps every stakeholder stay on the same page. The key here is alignment across the teams lacking which, it is a wasted effort.

Start by defining your target audience and shaping the structure of your marketing campaign and strategy in alignment with the audience’s interests. In other words, your campaign needs to be targeted to a specific segment of your audience for it to succeed. Once you have targeted a well-defined segment, you can create relevant messaging that resonates well with them, and this will help convert leads more effectively.

Thereafter, you will need to identify each touch point involved. These touch points can be of various types such as emails, social media posts, or other elements of a multichannel marketing campaign. Managing these is dependent on your overall strategy. Using an end-to- end CRM, sales, marketing and support software such as EngageBay will go a long way in meeting your objectives. EngageBay helps you track every lead interaction, including emails opened, landing pages visited, forms submitted, etc. You will also be able to score leads for each of these actions in order to qualify them and pass them to your sales team. The measurement of your success is the number of qualified leads you have passed to the sales team.

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