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Zendesk vs EngageBay

Zendesk Sell

Plan Type:




  • Sales automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Offers all-in-one software
$ 199 /month
paid monthly
EngageBay CRM & Sales

Plan Type:




  • Sales automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Offers optional all-in-one software
$ 59.99 /month
paid monthly

Built with love for growing companies

  • Save upto 90% of costs by moving to EngageBay without losing features.
  • No mandatory on-boarding training fee. All customers on-boarded for free.
  • Say goodbye to annual contracts. Pay monthly and cancel whenever you wish.
  • Simple implementation and maintenance. No expensive third-party experts required.
Trusted By Over 46,000 Customers

How is EngageBay the best alternative to Zendesk?

  • 1

    All-in-one CRM: EngageBay offers more contacts than any other Pipedrive alternative. Bring all your contacts to EngageBay and experience the power of a unified platform. We offer the best marketing, sales, and support software at unbeatable prices!

  • 2

    Multi-Channel Customer Engagement: Engage with and nurture prospects across multiple channels, including emails, SMS, phone, web, and social media.

  • 3

    Helpdesk and Live Chat: Get a powerful live chat software included with the paid version.

  • 4

    Marketing and Sales Automation: Automate marketing and sales processes using our all-in-one automation software. Our visual drag-and-drop designer makes it easy to set up multi-step automation.

  • 5

    Landing Pages: Convert casual web visitors into paying customers. Try EngageBay’s landing page templates and customize them as you like, or code your own landing pages.

  • 6

    Advanced CRM: Streamline your sales processes and stay organized using our powerful CRM. Get access to cutting-edge sales features, including 2-way telephony, messaging, sales proposals, and 360-degree customer view.

  • 7

    Email Sequences: Nurture prospects by scheduling emails to be sent at regular intervals. Set up email templates and execution rules once and EngageBay will do the rest while you focus on more important tasks.

  • 8

    Sales Proposals: Send compelling proposals to your prospects straight from your CRM. Proposals are automatically saved to the customers’ records and can be retrieved for future references.

  • 9

    User Experience: Say goodbye to automation worries. EngageBay offers a seamless marketing automation experience, so even beginners can rock!

  • 10

    Built for growing companies: EngageBay is built with love for growing companies. All our pricing plans are tailor-made for small and growing businesses.This helps you improve customer relationships without burning through your budget.

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Zendesk Alternative Comparison

Key Features Zendesk Sell EngageBay
Email Sequences
360-degree view
Deal management
Appointment scheduling
Account-based marketing
Sales automation
Custom reporting
Starts at
Why EngageBay?

EngageBay offers the best of marketing, sales, and support software at a price no one can match. We offer the highest number of contacts/subscribers compared to any of the competition. Bring all your contacts into EngageBay and experience the power of a unified platform .

zendesk vs EngageBay
zendesk alternatives Get more features at a lower price

Get more features at a lower price

EngageBay offers better features than Zendesk at a more attractive price. Get access to sales pipelines, appointment scheduling, account-based marketing, leaderboards, in-CRM telephony, and customized reporting. Leverage these features and convert unconvinced prospects into paying customers.

Hubspot competitor
Gamify sales processes

Gamify sales processes

At EngageBay, we have monthly and annual payments for all plans. You can try out any plan for as many months as you like, before you pay for the full year. No need to hastily buy an annual plan and then regret wasting your money. If you’re unhappy with the platform, you can cancel anytime – this is another way EngageBay is friendly for small businesses!

What if you could have everything on one platform? That’s exactly what EngageBay offers. EngageBay’s all-in-one platform unifies all teams, reduces data silos, and eliminates the need for multiple standalone platforms. But above all, you get a complete view of all your customers – something that you don’t get with Zendesk.
Engagebay works pretty well with my business. I was using ActiveCampaign but the costs were adding up quite quickly. I tried other platforms but the automation sequence offered by ActiveCampaign is not easy to find, until, I got Engagebay. The platforms offer an awesome automation platform for emails, plus landing pages and forms. It works quite well and can be a perfect substitute.
testimonial by Leonardo

Leonardo W.

Founder, Wolff Consultoria
The software is easy to set up and implement. I feel EngageBay is quickly becoming a marketing automation competitor to the premium SAAS offerings. EngageBay's customer support has been very responsive and helped me resolve an implementation issue almost immediately.
testimonial by Shawn

Shawn L.

Marketing Manager, List Biological Laboratories, Inc
All its tools and functions are good, but what I like most are the automation and programming in social networks along with landing pages, pop-ups, and forms that together help me increase traffic and in the short term generate sales.
testimonial by Dioshai

Dioshai G.

Web Developer, Huawei Technologies
Most basic and advanced tools you need in your online business is inside Engagebay, from lead generation, email marketing, page builder, CRM (alternative for Hubspot and Infusionsoft) and my most favorite is the marketing automation.
testimonial by Jan

Jan Patrick T.

Executive Managing Broker, Greatway Financial Inc.
This product is just like HubSpot. I cannot believe the price, so far I've used it for 2 weeks and those guys have added 2 features more.
testimonial by Ivana

Ivana B.

Founder, New Marketing.Agency
I like how they give you access to all these marketing and CRM/sales features in one dashboard. It could easily replace a number of other tools you are using right now. Pricing is fair for what you get too and I also really like the file repository feature that bigger marketing teams will really appreciate. I would be happy to recommend this tool to my clients.
testimonial by Paul

Paul T.

eMarketing Strategist, Paul Therond Consulting
I love the landing page builder and ability to import a URL and basically create any type of landing page. This makes creating funnels super easy. You can then customize it to suit your needs. I also liked the fact that the landing pages and automation were all in the same tool. This saves time and makes it so much easier to do email marketing.
testimonial by Vandana

Vandana Taxali

Intellectual Property, Digital Media & Entertainment Lawyer
Here are so many things you can do with EngageBay. If you are into scored lead-management, it has many features for that. It has VERY impressive landing page builders and email templates. That alone makes it a very quality service.
testimonial by Kyle

Kyle L.

Web Developer, design & develop
I highly recommend the tool. It's an awesome tool for a startup like us.
testimonial by Garma

Garma Gay D.

Technical Helpdesk Support Analyst, Atos
A full-featured marketing platform. With this, you have all you need to get started and succeed. Having all in one platform make any marketer job much easier.
testimonial by Santiago

Santiago B.

Southern Europe Director, Triptease
Enabled me to easily capture details of interested parties for my products. Ease of use Feature set. Excellent customer service.
testimonial by raymond

Raymond B.

IT Project Manager, BespokeIT/Corp Networking Limited
It covers everything a small business sales/marketing team needs.
testimonial by Gergely

Gergely Csaba N.

Online Marketing, Chamaileon

EngageBay is the best Zendesk Alternative

Get more power at a better price.

Feature by Feature comparison with Zendesk

EngageBay offers a powerful sales and CRM solution modules so that you can buy it separately or as an all-in-one solution. With 50+ features, you can streamline your sales process and close deals faster.

Though Zendesk Sell is an excellent sales platform, EngageBay offers more features at a lower price. EngageBay packs in powerful sales functionality with a remarkably intuitive interface. With zero upfront costs and no training required, it's up and running in minutes!

Here is how EngageBay compares with Zendesk feature by feature.

Zendesk EngageBay
Starts at $19/mo
Starts at $10.39/mo
Free (with Premium add-ons)
Completely free
All-in-one software option available
High-level sales features

Both Zendesk Sell and EngageBay offer powerful sales features to help you convert prospects into customers. That said, EngageBay offers advanced features, including conversational inboxes and account-based marketing – making it one of the best Zendesk alternatives.

Zendesk EngageBay
Sales pipeline management
Account-based marketing
Appointment scheduling
Gamification and Leaderboards
in-CRM telephony
Team hierarchy
Conversational inbox

Placing and receiving calls are vital aspects of sales. Both Zendesk and EngageBay offer powerful tools to help you stay on top of your calls.

Zendesk EngageBay
Call recording
Call scripts
Call integration
Call history
Call notes
CRM features

At the heart of sales and support lies the CRM. To fully understand your customers so that you can offer value, you need a comprehensive CRM solution that offers a complete view.

EngageBay offers more features to help you understand your customers on a deeper level – making it the best alternative to Zendesk..stand-out-text

Zendesk EngageBay
Deal tracks and stages
360-degree contact view
Email integration
Contextual custom fields
Activity timelines
Advanced filters
Tasks management

You need to quantify your success (and failure) rates – this helps you find ways to improve and scale your business. EngageBay offers powerful analytical tools and an intuitive dashboard for deeper insights.

Zendesk EngageBay
Email tracking
Email open notifications
Link-click notifications
Proposal analytics
Sales forecasting
Custom sales dashboard and reports
Social Media

Manage all your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – right from EngageBay. EngageBay’s Social Suite lets you schedule your posts smartly and analyze audience trends using social listening. Zendesk Sell does not offer social media management – making EngageBay the perfect alternative.

Zendesk EngageBay
Social media integration
Social media post scheduling
Social listening
Social media analytics
Customer support software

Unlike Zendesk, EngageBay offers free customer support software when you choose a paid plan. Customer-centric businesses are vital for long-term customer satisfaction and business success, and EngageBay’s support tools offer just that.

Zendesk offers a separate customer support solution, but you have to pay separately and quite a lot.

Zendesk Sell EngageBay
Knowledge base
Customer experience automation
Support ticket
Customer query prioritization
Customer issue routing
Customer support team collaboration
Canned responses
Live chat

Reports are vital for businesses to monitor their growth. EngageBay’s holistic reporting module offers deep, insightful, and recurring insights – making it the best alternative to Zendesk for small business owners.

Zendesk EngageBay
Daily email reports
Sales reports
Custom reports
Sales dashboard
Leaderboard reports

Experience the power of an all-in-one solution

While EngageBay’s CRM & Sales enablement software can take you miles ahead of your competitors, there’s something even more powerful: an All-in-One solution.

To truly deliver customer happiness, you need to align marketing, sales, and customer support under one view. EngageBay’s all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support solution does precisely that.

Zendesk does not offer a unified CRM solution, without which you cannot have a complete view of your customers.

Even after you pay a hefty price for Zendesk, you don’t get the powerful marketing tools that EngageBay offers. EngageBay integrates all the tools seamlessly so that everything works as a single entity.

Move to EngageBay and save 2.5X the costs!

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell Enterprise:


Zendesk Suite Enterprise:


Zendesk Sell+Zendesk Suite:



EngageBay Sales & CRM Pro:


EngageBay all-in-one Pro:


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • I am on a low budget. What do I get for free on EngageBay?

    EngageBay’s Free Plan offers 1,000 branded emails a month at no cost. So you have enough resources to leverage email marketing for growth in those early days.

    You also get a landing page.

    Zendesk does not offer any free plan. All you get is a 14-day free trial on their premium plans, making EngageBay the best Zendesk competitor for small businesses.

  • How much money will I save with EngageBay?

    If you go with Zendesk, you have to dish out a whopping $199/month for their Enterprise plan, and even then, you may miss out on powerful features. For a team with multiple users, this cost can shoot up and drain your budget.

    In contrast, EngageBay offers:

    • All the features of each plan along with onboarding sessions and email/chat support at no additional cost.
    • Affordable plans for growing businesses. Our Pro plan costs less than $60 a month. You also get a 20% discount on annual subscriptions, bringing the cost down to $47.99 a month.

    You can also get EngageBay’s unified marketing, sales, and customer support software for under $100 – reducing overall costs while improving functionality. Zendesk, on the other hand, does not offer an all-in-one plan.

    For more details, check our pricing page.

  • Is EngageBay suitable for startups or small companies?

    EngageBay understands the budget constraints for small businesses.

    Our ‘Sales & CRM’ Basic plan starts from $11.69/month for annual billing and $12.99/month for monthly billing.

    Need more features? Our Growth plan offers more features for less than $30 per month. If you need all the features, you can go for the Pro plan, which costs only $59.99 per month.

    Your budget isn’t unlimited, nor is your time. By trying to learn and integrate several other programs or software into your current system, you waste time.

    Our founders are owners of startups and small businesses just like you. We understand that money is tight in those early days. We also know how important it is to market your new company successfully.

    That’s why we’re here. EngageBay is made for small businesses that need all the marketing features of Zendesk but without the hefty price tag.

    We have aligned our pricing with the budgets of most growing companies. Our most expensive package, the Pro plan, costs less than $60 a month. With this plan, you get priority support, account-based marketing, thousands of contacts and emails, sales automation, and in-CRM telephony.

    You also get free customer service software included with paid plans. The help desk software includes customer interaction management, knowledge base, customer support team hierarchy, customer interaction automation, ticket management, canned responses, and live chat.

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