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Features of a Email validator

Reduce bounce rates

With EngageBay's free email verifier software, find and remove invalid and hard bounce email addresses from your email lists.

Check individual email addresses

Individually verify each email address on-the-go via the EngageBay free email validator mobile app version

Do bulk verification of email addresses

With EngageBay's free email validator software, improve email campaign sending results with a complete email list verification

Have accurate prospects list data

Now do away with outdated, invalid leads you can't contact. With EngageBay's free email verifier, you can be confident you'll reach your prospects' inboxes every time

Ensure maximum deliverability

EngageBay's free email validator, you will have close to flawless deliverability, and thus, you'll leave your competitors behind and reach more real lucrative leads while investing less

Eliminate prospect duplication

Never contact the same lead twice. EngageBay's free email validator lets you merge duplicates on the go, update prospect's data and ensure that you won't irk your next lead

Enhance sender reputation

Invalid leads make for higher bounce rates, spam traps, and blocks. Set up a smooth email workflow with EngageBay's free email validator and enjoy a consistently high sender reputation

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Why choose EngageBay’s free Email Validator software?


Individual & bulk checking

Enhanced deliverability

Low bounce rates

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