Service Automations Software for World-Class Support

Advanced service automations platform for world-class customer support. Helpdesk automation and ticket automation with easy-to-use tools. Automatic ticket routing, escalations, task updates, and more.

Service automation

Save hours everyday with service automation.

Save hours every day by creating ready-made responses for commonly asked questions. By automating other support activities, stay organized, reduce response time and enhance Customer Support. EngageBay lets you queue and route your tickets intelligently. Create automations to define priorities for tickets, set their status and assign them to support reps. Reduce the time involved in routine administration.

Helpdesk automations

With EngageBay’s intelligent helpdesk automations, you don’t have to sort your helpdesk tickets manually anymore. The service automations software organizes all helpdesk tickets based on conditions you define, such as the source of your tickets, the subject of inquiry, the deals that the tickets are related to, or the companies that are generating the inquiries, and so on. Use predefined conditions or create your own custom automation pipelines.

Automated Helpdesk in engagebay

Service task automation

Forget about manual management of your service tickets. EngageBay is designed to understand which tickets must go where, so all you have to do is set the right triggers. Let the service automation software assign tickets to sales and service reps automatically, based on availability, priority, skill criteria, domain experience, ticket source, or any conditions you like.

Create tasks automatically in engagebay

Remove the risk of human errors

Manual work inevitably results in errors of judgement. Your service team could be handling hundreds of tickets, and manual monitoring can lead to oversight. A growing business cannot afford miffed customers. Try EngageBay for free and let the service automation software scan all service tickets regularly. The software will give you alerts on which tickets have been ignored by mistake, or which service tasks are awaiting follow-up. Trust our automation technology and attend to every customer on time.

Automate the service processes in engagebay
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