Service automation to increase efficiency and productivity of your agents

Automate your customer service processes with ticket routing, escalation, and task creation. Increase efficiency and productivity of your agents by using EngageBay’s advanced service automation tools.

Service automation

Save hours everyday with service automation.

Save hours every day by creating ready-made responses for commonly asked questions. By automating other support activities, stay organized, reduce response time and enhance Customer Support. EngageBay lets you queue and route your tickets intelligently. Create automations to define priorities for tickets, set their status and assign them to support reps. Reduce the time involved in routine administration.

Automated Helpdesk

EngageBay automates your helpdesk ticketing and lets you define ticket priorities and set their status. Your customers can create a support ticket by emailing and you can organize all your support tickets and issues in one place. Personalized views let agents see their tickets based on ticket status, assignee, group, or other conditions.

Automated Helpdesk in engagebay

Create tasks automatically

Boost your support agents productivity by creating tasks. Automatically Create a task for your support agents when a ticket is created. Track the closed and open tasks. Setup escalation rules to ensure the quality of service. Receive periodic reminders so you never miss a task ever again.

Create tasks automatically in engagebay

Automate the service processes

Use Automation to assign the right ticket to the right agent. Initiate a ticketing workflow based on changes or time-based conditions of a ticket. Use macros and respond quickly to repeated queries. Once a ticket is created, one can automatically assign it to agents, set ticket status, change ticket type, etc.

Automate the service processes in engagebay
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