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Render It Easy For Readers To Stay Updated

Irrespective of the frequency of the content that you publish, whether it's a new blog every day or two infographics a week, EngageBay's RSS-Feed-to-Email feature ensures that your readers never miss an important update.

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Create Great Content, Emails Can Wait

When you spend time scheduling your emails, you easily lose focus and time for creating great content to share in your emails. So while creating good content may take some time, sharing what you publish shouldn’t have to. Once you set the day and time you’d like your content to go out, we will send it whenever you publish something new with our email rss feed.

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Design RSS-Feed-to-Email To Align With Your Brand

With EngageBay's RSS-to-Email feature, you also get a visual designer to drag and drop RSS content blocks into any template to pull in your latest blog posts. Thereafter, use the design tools to customize your emails to reflect your brand.

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Implement Data-Driven Marketing

EngageBay's detailed email reporting lets you understand when your emails get maximum engagement. So if you notice that you get more opens on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can easily update your RSS-Feed-to-Email campaign to only go out on those days. Similarly, set the times based on higher engagement.

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