Xero - EngageBay CRM Integration

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Our CRM integration with Xero makes it simple to access customer's billing history, manage invoices and track payments directly from your CRM.

Sync all your Xero contacts

Xero - Engagebay CRM integration automatically keeps your Xero contacts in sync with EngageBay contacts so you never miss any customer. Just add the Xero widget, enter the credentials and EngageBay CRM will handle the rest.

Create and manage Invoices

Create and manage Invoices

Create new Invoices, send them to customers and track payments, all from your EngageBay CRM system. Xero integration with EngageBay helps you view all the invoices and payments for each contact in the contact detail page so you have all the necessary details in one page.

Create new Invoices

Monitor Payments for Invoices

View the Invoices and track if the payments have been cleared for every contact. Send an automatic reminder or create a followup task from the CRM directly to send payment reminders and track them as well.

Monitor Payments for Invoices

Access complete billing history

View every Invoice for the customer along with the payment status directly from the contact page in the EngageBay CRM. Stay on top of your billing process and never miss a payment every again.

Access complete billing history

Build a comprehensive billing system with our integration

Build a comprehensive billing system by integrating Xero with EngageBay's integrated marketing, sales and support software. Manage Invoices, payments and have all the payment history for every contact at your finger tips in the CRM system.

Build a comprehensive billing system

Xero - EngageBay CRM Integration Setup Instructions

1. Find and Add Xero Widget

Go to gadgets under preferences and connect the Xero gadget to appear in contact details

Xero configure

2. Login to Xero and provide permissions

Login to your Xero account by entering login credentials. In the authorization page, select the organization you would like EngageBay to access and click "Authorise Application". After this step, your Xero - EngageBay CRM integration is good go.

Login to Xero
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