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Filter Mailing Lists Using Double Opt-In Email

By adding an additional step to the email subscription opt-in process, requiring a user to verify their email address and confirm interest, double opt-ins reduce mailing lists by adding another step to subscribing, filtering out passive prospects, bad emails, and spam accounts in the process. This not only confirms genuine interest of the user, but also filters out spam or fake email addresses some users may have entered. This helps build an authentic mailing list.

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Optimize Double Opt-In Email Forms For High Lead Quality

If you are serious about the quality of the leads that you wish to pursue, then optimizing double opt-in forms is a prerequisite. You can ask for the visitor's name as well as email address in the form or either of them, but the more parameters added gives you better lead quality and accurate information. Incentivizing the double opt in email forms with offers such as discounts, content upgrades, loyalty programs, etc. ensure better lead quality. Additionally, disclaimers and unsubscribe options are a must too.

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Reduce Spam Complaints

Let's face it, nobody likes spam. Several countries have stringent laws around spam emails that are sometimes punishable by fines, banning of the sender or even imprisonment. Using double opt-in helps you reduce spam complaints down to single digit percentages or lower. Unlike a single opt in email marketing newsletter, a double opt-in email is not prone to abuse, thus resulting in less spam complaints and potential banning of your domain name by the major ISPs.

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