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Manage Your Sales Leads and Track Your Pipeline Like A Boss.

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Forever free sales CRM for businesses of all sizes!

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Save Time and Personalize Your Outreach

Automate routine sales tasks to save time and close deals faster. Send and receive emails with EngageBay's powerful Email Marketing Software, record calls on-the-go, view detailed customer information to personalize follow ups. With easy access to relevant information in EngageBay's sales lead management software, your team can now easily nurture leads, manage prospects, and convert more.

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Automate the Distribution of Leads

EngageBay's free lead management software helps you to tailor your workflow and assign leads to your team based on various factors including time, availability and location. Streamline the flow of leads so that your agents are never short of leads to speak and optimize follow up with. Segregate the lead flow and ensure that all leads are being serviced.

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Manage the Sales Pipeline Efficiently

EngageBay's sales lead management software helps you manage the sales pipeline with a zero margin for error. Prioritize leads with attribute tags such as 'warm', 'hot', etc for smoother conversions while saving time. Segment all your leads based on industry verticals and auto-assign them to the respective teams. All this from a single-view dashboard containing complete contact information.


Map Complete Customer Journeys

Map complete customer journeys of each and every customer and closely monitor every potential lead at each step. With a 360-degree overview of all leads detailing their entire journeys, your agents can never go wrong when initiating communication with them. All this and more with the best lead management software money can buy.

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