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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We are here to answer them

CRMs are customizable pieces of software, so the way they work can vary significantly between verticals.

Nevertheless, most CRMs include:

Customizable donor profiles where all donor data and interactions are trackable. 360-degree communication automation and list segmentation. Campaign management features, such as appointment schedulers, task managers and staff reminders.

Important online donations capabilities, such as the ability to create branded webforms and track donations.

Depending on a nonprofit's needs, different CRMs have different levels of functionality. This helps the CRM to adapt to the various functional and budgetary needs of a nonprofit.

Pricing with EngageBay is one of the best and popular topics with our users and prospective customers. Typically, pricing of the CRM depends on the size of your contact database. it is a per user monthly fee. However, the most attractive fact is that it starts really low per user per month. For more details, visit EngageBay Pricing Page.

Choosing a CRM should be a one-time decision, and definitely not a small decision for your organization. You definitely don't want to end up buying software that doesn't suit your specific needs. So when choosing the best CRM for your nonprofit organization, here are some key features to look for:

1. Simplicity

The more simple a CRM is to use, the easier it is for you to convince your staff to embrace it. Simple software that is self-explanatory, easy to implement, and support available at hand, is anyday an attractive option.

2. Single, unified view

Cluttered software helped nobody. Software is meant to make your life easier, not chaotic. So, when picking a CRM, ensure it integrates with your fundraising software. So when your organization receives a donation, it is automatically reflected in your database without any manual entry. Again, this saves you time!

3. Personalization

Being able to segment based on buyer persona for different campaigns and causes will help you align your message and personalize it for their preferences. So, your CRM should ideally have full capability to separate and segment your contacts into lists based on age, past giving, location, etc. This will help segregate and streamline your messaging to unique groups. Random communication with all donors is likely to have much less impact than personalized, targeted, and genuine messages that are tailored based on the segmentation options, like location, age, or past contributions.

4. Automate it

Save a lot of time simply by scheduling automated responses when someone gives or signs up for a volunteer shift. However, automation doesn't need to be mechanical and robotic. Personalization at every touchpoint with donors and constituents is extremely effective and impactful.

5. Ensure portability

Ensure that the nonprofit CRM software is omni-channel responsive. It should allow users mobility by being available across all channels such as desktop, mobiles, tablets, etc. Work on the move.

Nonprofits are those organizations that are dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. They operate mainly on funds raised through charity from multiple donors. Therefore, nonprofit CRM software helps these organizations to organize data, manage their donor relationships more effectively, and all around practice more efficient and successful fundraising.

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