Canned responses to drive more efficiency

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your customer support team, while reducing response times and boosting customer satisfaction.

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Canned Responses

Support agents frequently receive similar queries. Sending the same emails over and over is definitely not how they should be using their time. Canned responses are the best way to boost productivity and slash the amount of time spent writing emails or similar responses.

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How Canned Responses work

Canned responses are pre-saved answers that can be quickly sent to the customers. They are the standard responses to everyday inquiries to support. They are pre-populated messages that allow customer support agents to respond quickly to customer issues. With Canned Responses, your agents can create a predefined set of reply templates that they can send out with a single click.

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Reduced Response Times

A list of these responses can decrease support agents average response time allowing them to solve more customer queries. When there are similar queries from different customers, it can be a time-taking process to respond to each incoming ticket around one issue. One can create responses for frequently raised queries and use them while answering.

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Personalize Your Canned Response

Canned responses might be time-saving and have all the needed information, but often sound robotic. Each of these canned responses can be personalized automatically by adding in the customer’s name, ticket status, last conversation, etc. Personalizing these responses will never make them feel like they are part of a crowd.

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