Canned Responses For Customer Service

Best canned responses for Help Desk messages and emails. Receive hundreds of similar queries? Use EngageBay canned replies. Save time, sell more.

Canned responses

Canned Responses for Quick Service

Save time with canned responses for all similar service queries. EngageBay lets you save your email and message responses as ‘canned’ for later use, so you need not write the same message every time you get the same query. Boost your customer service efficiency and sell more in less time.

How Canned Responses work

Personalize your canned responses

Use quick personalization tools from within the email to improve customer connect. EngageBay enables a host of personalization features, from the name of the customer to their latest query details. With EngageBay CRM, each canned response can read like a freshly written personal email.


Automate your canned replies

EngageBay is designed to enhance business productivity. With canned responses, you can save time and personalize your responses to customer queries, and this can be automated too. Use EngageBay automation features and set triggers for the software to send out personalized, canned responses. Define conditions such as ticket status, ticket number, source of ticket or customer query, keywords in customer query, etc., and let EngageBay respond immediately.

Personalize Your Canned Response

Flexibility with canned responses

When you use EngageBay, there is no tech knowledge needed. Sending canned responses is made easy, with intuitive icons and simple, handy shortcuts. Write a new response to a query and save it as ‘canned’ for later use, or picked a canned response and customize it from within your email to save another version of it. With EngageBay, there is always enough flexibility of use.

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