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Personalize the SMS message and send them in a click. Track and analyze your results.

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The benefits of SMS marketing for small businesses


Improved lead management and nurturing




Enhanced targeting and personalization


Seamless campaign execution and tracking


Increase efficiency and productivity

Personalize messages for better engagement

Personalize your SMS messages with a variety of customer attributes like name, company name, age, location or other information to get higher customer engagement.

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Include in automation workflows

Include SMS functionality in your marketing automation workflows at any point. Send SMS messages based on user behaviour or upon any trigger points like cart abandonment, product refills, failed payments, product updates, promotions and more.

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Segment and target your subscriber lists

Choose a subset of users by applying various filters of your choice. Our wide filters range include filtering based on country, created date, source, tag and lot more.

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Behaviour based automation

Send SMS messages based on your customer behaviour or website activity like visiting a product page, abandoned shopping cart etc.

sms behaviour based automation

Build visually

Build your marketing workflows visually using our simple drag and drop designer. Design the system to suit your business processes and EngageBay works exactly the you want. You do not need any technical help from your development team to use EngageBay.

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Track and optimize your Campaigns

Engagebay provides an easy option to track your campaign performance. Based on these metrics, you can rework and reposition your content. This acts as a performance metric to churn more engaging content to increase your opens and click-throughs. As they say, engage with Engagebay!

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