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Do It All With EngageBay

Stop overspending on multiple marketing, sales, and support software solutions. Experience the world's most affordable, unified platform. EngageBay's all-in-one CRM offers the most comprehensive solution for your marketing, sales, and support needs.

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Benefits of Personal CRM

Manage contacts seamlessly

Store and have instant access to comprehensive data about all your new and old contacts at all times.

Sales and marketing system alignment

Create accountability and align both your marketing and sales teams by enabling better communication between them with tight CRM and marketing automation integration.

Segment your contacts

Categorize contacts based on tags, locations, company, role, and other custom parameters.

Experience the power of unified CRM

Enjoy integrated and unified access to different communication channels such as emails, text messages, and phone calls.

Get 360-degree contact view

View all important details and past engagements when connecting with a contact. Get reminder alerts and reconnect nudges to be in touch with contacts.

Track and organize events

Keep track of events, meetings, and tasks by organizing schedules. Get reminder alerts and reconnect nudges to be in touch with contacts.

Connect with your loved ones

Use the Personal CRM for friends and family, co-workers, potential employees, suppliers, marketers, industry gurus, or people you’ve met at networking events.

Personal CRM Software FAQ’s:

Got Questions? We are here to answer them

A personal customer relationship manager (also referred to as a Personal CRM), is used by people to track their personal networks and foster relationships. A Personal CRM doubles up as an address book, calendar, notebook, and smart reminders, all rolled into a single software.

CRMs or customer relationship management (CRMs) tools are widely used by businesses worldwide to keep track of and maintain good customer relationships.

The following list explains who’d typically benefit the most from a personal CRM software:

  • You’re a new business or a self-employed individual looking to grow and expand your network.

  • You attend a lot of conferences, expos, and networking events, and you constantly collect a pocketful of business cards.

  • You have many friends but not as much time to see them as you wish you did.

  • You want to stay in contact with your loved ones, remember important dates, and be the first to wish them Happy birthday 😋.

  • You plan many events on your calendar, but due to scheduling conflicts, you tend to miss a lot of them.

Using CRM tools for contact management can be a game-changer for both your business and personal life.

For example, you may be about to start a new business and want to hire good developers within your existing network.

Surely, the best place to start looking for people is within your existing network, and although Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn features can be helpful, having one place where all of this information is stored can give you invaluable insights.

Once your personal CRM is ready to use, you can do some amazing things with it such as setting up a semi-automated email campaign every few months to check in on old contacts and see how they're doing. Or automatically adding rows to this database with Zapier when you make new connections on LinkedIn.

You could even text a specific group of contacts soliciting advice.

Alternatively, if you want to combine the functionality of Google Sheets with the automation power of Zapier, consider a visual workflow builder like EngageBay.

In a single workplace, you can format your spreadsheet, build visual workflows, and automate processes for you and your team.

Setting up a personal CRM requires very little time and no expense, but the potential to create deeper relationships with your existing network is limitless.

Though personal CRM (contact relationship management) is not very different from business CRM tools, it’s made specifically for individuals, so some of the features might differ.

  • Emails
  • Import your contacts for Gmail and Outlook to your CRM. Merge duplicates or add personal/work emails to the same contact.

  • Social media profiles.
  • Add social media links to your contacts so that you reach out to them using different channels.

  • Calendar
  • Attach calendars to personal CRM so you can see all the tasks and important events in one place and never miss them.

  • Notes
  • Mention their food preferences, favorite place to meet, or any other important personal details. Show your personal and professional relationships that you care.

  • Reminders
  • Set up reminders, birthdays, professional holidays, or any other important dates so they would never be missed if you keep this data in your CRM. In addition, you can set recurring reminders for routine tasks.

  • Follow-ups
  • Stay in touch with your contacts by sending them follow-ups from time to time. You can not only set up regular reminders but also create templates that will save you time.

  • Schedule meetings
  • You can schedule meetings with your friends, business partners, and more – a personal assistant at your fingertips!

Using your Personal CRM system allows you to be highly organized, save money, and be the best version of yourself..

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