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What is Email Drip Campaign?

Email Drip campaigns are automated sets of emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. With EngageBay's email drip campaign feature, you can send your customers and prospects the right information at the right time, without manual entry and dispatch. So whether it's a welcome email, a follow-up email or a newsletter, you can simply apply pre-set triggers and define specific user segments to send these emails at a later time, on a repetitive pattern.

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When should you use Drip Campaign?

EngageBay's Drip Email Campaign features may be used for lead nurturing, to welcome new customers, for onboarding new users, for people who have shown interest in your products but abandoned their shopping carts, recommendations, subscription renewals, confirmations, user engagement, unsubscribes, etc. and more.

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Setting Up a Drip Campaign

It is not really difficult to set up a drip email campaign. Once you identify your target audience and craft your message, you need to plan out your campaign such as 'How many emails am I going to send, when, and in what order?', 'do my triggers line up with my message?', 'how can I measure the success of the campaign?', etc.


Launch your campaign

With EngageBay's feature-rich email drip campaigns, set the best times and frequencies to allow the emails to go out and simply activate the drip email campaign launch. Let EngageBay's smart marketing automation software take care of the rest of the cycle.

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Measure and Enhance your Drip Campaigns

Evaluate email opens, clicks, completed an action, not completed an action etc. from your campaign stats dashboard and use these insights to apply corrective measures for your future campaigns, for better results. Make the best drip campaign software perform and deliver at the highest level.


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