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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We are here to answer them

Email drip campaigns are automated sets of email that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. With EngageBay as your drip email campaign software, you can send your customers and prospects the right information at the right time, without having to perform the task again and again yourself.

A drip campaign could begin with welcome emails and consist of follow-up emails based on the actions your leads take. It could also be your weekly newsletters. Just apply pre-set triggers and define the user segments, and EngageBay will ‘drip’ all these emails into the inbox of your leads.

EngageBay's drip email campaign features can be used for lead nurturing, to welcome new customers, to onboard new users, to send follow-up emails to your website visitors who have shown interest in your products or services but have abandoned their shopping carts at the last minute, and more.

You can send out regular drip emails for product recommendations, subscription renewal reminders, sign-up confirmations, unsubscribe confirmations, and many other user engagement actions.

If you are looking for a free drip campaign software, you already are in the right place. That said, you must tick off a few boxes when you are looking for the right software. The perfect drip campaign platform will let you personalize your emails, offer a range of email templates that are easily customizable, will have a drag-and-drop email builder/editor, and will (ideally) be an all-in-one sales and marketing automation software.

A cool drip email campaign software will also dish out very easily comprehensible data on the performance of your drip campaigns, and will make it super easy for you to segment your contacts and leads according to their actions in response to your emails. Of course, the software must integrate all these different features well, and should be easy on the pocket.

Email drip campaigns save your time and effort that is otherwise expended in manually sorting your leads, following up with them based on their actions, and starting from scratch every time any new action is taken.

Design your email drip campaigns and define their triggers in advance, and reap a dozen (and more) benefits like reminding your leads about completing an action like make a repayment or a fresh subscription, reaching out to contacts who have not been engaging with your website, upselling to those who have been buying from you, following up with customer service feedback forms, and so on.

You can also analyze how your leads are responding to different drip campaigns, and then refine your future campaigns in tandem with your learnings.

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