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Synopsis: About A+ Test Prep and Tutoring

For nearly 30 years and counting, A+ Test Prep and Tutoring has guided thousands of families through college admissions and offered academic tutoring. Located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, A+ Tutoring aligns everything they do with their values. They help students who need support academically and guide them to build the skills necessary to succeed both in school and in life.

“Over the years, our business has grown tremendously as word spread about our excellent professional tutors and the effectiveness of our one-to-one tutoring programs.”

– Daniel Ascher, M.Ed., President of A+ Tutoring

Industry type: Academic/Coaching

Users: 4 users

Location: Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Founded: ~ 30 years ago

A decade ago, A+ Tutoring had a smaller customer base and so used spreadsheets to keep track of customers/leads.

As their reputation grew, customers came pouring in –so they needed new tools to keep up with the growing demand.

A+ tutoring had around 10,000 contacts and around 25,000 emails sent every month. In a nutshell, they were forced to search for better ways to streamline business operations.

Backstory: What Tools A+ Tutoring Employed Prior to EngageBay

A+ Tutoring needed tools to automate and improve their processes, and so explored new tools:

This momentarily improved efficiency and boosted growth, but not for long.


To capture and generate leads


To design landing pages and obtain visitor insights


To streamline appointment scheduling and tracking


To launch marketing campaigns and send out newsletters

HubSpot Free CRM

To manage contacts and segment them


To manage their sales pipeline


$97/ mo


$135/ mo


$16/ mo


$460/ mo


$47/ mo

HubSpot free CRM

$0/ mo

Total monthly costs

$755/ mo

Challenge: How Multiple Standalone Tools Created More Problems

For a while, these tools offered solid returns, and their team was happy. But their commitment to offering unwavering support meant they needed to expand their teams and unify their tools.

Here’s where A+ Tutoring faced multiple challenges. Onboarding and training staff members for various tools was costly and time-consuming. Multiple platforms also meant having multiple subscriptions, which bumped up the bills and pushed monthly costs to well over a thousand dollars.

But the biggest challenge came from an astonishing yet foreseeable source: Customer data. A+ Tutoring’s customer data and other information were severely fragmented as each platform had different information with no way to communicate with each other.

Dan and his team tried stitching all the tools together, but this gave birth to new problems and technical hurdles, forcing them to search for an integrated solution.

EngageBay offered more than we expected, which was obviously good news for us. We cut down multiple tools and saved hundreds of dollars every month. But what amazed us the most was that moving to EngageBay helped us reach out better and improve brand awareness.

HubSpot annual costs


HubSpot onboarding fee


Total cost for the first year


HubSpot caught their attention; they had already used the free service. But their demands meant they had to opt for the Enterprise plan – a bundled plan that costs tens of thousands of $$$ annually.

Dan was shocked at HubSpot’s sheer cost and quickly came to a decision: A+ Tutoring had to find an integrated platform like HubSpot but without the exorbitant pricing.

What did he do? Dan just Googled ‘HubSpot Alternatives’, and bam!

Solution: How EngageBay’s All-in-One Software Eliminated the Need for Multiple Platforms

Dan and his team evaluated dozens of integrated CRM solutions through free or trial plans. After exhaustive research, Dan and his team found the platform they were searching for: EngageBay.

“Searching for a suitable all-in-one solution that fit our budget and requirements was harder than we anticipated. Our team tried multiple solutions, took free trials, and finally landed on EngageBay.”

EngageBay offered a unified all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support solution that replaced all the standalone tools the coaching business had.

With a single platform, A+ tutoring was successfully able to replace all their tools and – in the process – improved efficiency. Data stored in the centralized CRM database meant teams could access the same updated customer information: no more data silos.

The best part was that EngageBay’s Pro plan with unlimited contact storage cost only $99/mo. With free onboarding sessions, migration services, and a helpful customer support team, Dan and his team seamlessly transitioned to EngageBay.

What’s more, EngageBay offered even more tools than Dan’s team anticipated, causing explosive growth in line with their “students-first” motto.

From To EngageBay’s

Lead generation tool

Lead capture forms


Drag-and-drop landing page builder

Webpage traffic analytics


Appointment scheduler

2-way email sync


Omnichannel marketing

Multistep workflow automation

HubSpot CRM


Activity timeline view


Sales funnel and deal pipelines

project management

In-CRM telephony

Total monthly subscription costs before EngageBay

$755/ mo

EngageBay’s Pro plan

$99/ mo

Cost saved moving to EngageBay


Effect: How Moving to EngageBay Positively Impacted A+ Tutoring

EngageBay proved its mettle as an affordable all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support solution. Dan’s team went from taking care of multiple, expensive platforms to a single easy-to-use software – a change that reflected positively in their productivity and revenue.

Rise in applicant conversions


Reduction in overall subscription costs


Data fragmentation


View of customers


Marketing, sales, & support teams


Migration process


Visitor engagement through A/B testing and traffic analytics


Shortened onboarding period through free sessions

Months → Weeks

EngageBay offered more than we expected, which was obviously good news for us. We cut down multiple tools and saved hundreds of dollars every month. But what amazed us the most was that moving to EngageBay helped us reach out better and improve brand awareness.

Result: Productive Company = Happy Customers

Within a year of moving to EngageBay, Dan’s team saw an immense difference in productivity and efficiency. Leads were seamlessly handed over to the sales team, and customer support reps had a complete history of all the interactions.

In fact, A+ Tutoring’s FCR (First Contact Resolution) metrics improved by 50%, owing to the integrated platform. EngageBay transformed A+ Tutoring into a happier, more productive, and profit-generating brand.

Above all, this move helped us automate most of our tasks so that we could focus on helping students. Customers were happy, and our brand grew rapidly through word-of-mouth, thanks to EngageBay. Plus, the customer service is excellent, and we’ve been able to contact people easily when we need something to be fixed or answered.

Conclusion: What’s Next?

Reach out to us, and we’ll show you how to drop multiple platforms in favor of a single, all-in-one solution – and save costs.

Our experts are happy to work with you to make EngageBay the only platform you’ll ever need.

Thousands of businesses have benefited from using EngageBay – check out some of their success stories:

all in one case study customer review1
all in one case study customer review1
all in one case study customer review1
all in one case study customer review1

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