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Personalize Your Messaging And Increase Brand Awareness

When you narrow down your targeting to specific groups of people based on needs or interests, it is known as contact segmentation and it enables you to refine your marketing message to suit the specific needs of the recipients, and therefore, increases the likelihood of conversions. It is in fact known that segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue for a company. What's more, personalized emails make users feel special and in turn, indirect brand ambassadors for your brand.

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Behavior Based Contact Segmentation

Segment your contacts on the basis of socio-demographic information such as gender preference, place of residence, or employment. This will facilitate more personalization in your emails. Also, segmentation based on behavioral elements, such as clicks and visits to specific sections of the pages of the site, or a record of past purchases or email engagement.

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Enhanced Segmentation With Lists

Lists can be found in EngageBay's Marketing Automation accounts. In addition to contact property values, lists allow you to segment your contacts by using various other filters, such as page views, form submissions, and email interactions. You can use the lists to send marketing emails to a specific set of contacts or to enroll contacts in workflows.

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Enjoy Different Filter Options For Segmentation

Filtering for effective contact segmentation in EngageBay can be done not only for contacts, but also for deals and companies. The 'saved filters' option allows you to easily view a segment of your database right from the contacts, companies, deals, or tickets dashboard, at a single glance.

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Do More Post Segmentation

Not only can you group your contacts with segmentation, but you can also create lists/ add tags, run automations, run SMS & Email Broadcasts to the different lists of contacts, etc. Moreover, Sequences also becomes easy with segmentation.

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