Contact Segmentation for Enhanced Lead Management

EngageBay offers a powerful contact segmentation tool to segment your contacts database and enhance lead management. Free tools for effective contact tracking and segmentation-based marketing.

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Contact Segmentation for targeted campaigns

Contact segmentation is to narrow down your marketing outreach to specific groups of leads based on their interests. EngageBay enables you to refine and target your marketing campaigns based on a wide range of customer actions. Personalize your marketing with a host of new tools for custom grouping of contacts, and watch conversions go up.

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Contact Segmentation by behavior

It is easy to segment your contacts based on socio-demographic information such as gender, location, company, age, etc. EngageBay also enables segmentation based on the behavior of your customers and prospects, such as page clicks, page visits, cart abandonment, new subscription, new buyers, existing buyers, and much more. You can customize how to group your contacts and EngageBay automation will do the rest.


Static Lists, Smart Lists

EngageBay offers automated lists that can evolve as you go about your business. You can set triggers for your Smart Lists, such as page views, form submissions, or email interactions with your customers or leads, and EngageBay will add or remove contacts. If you wish to do the work manually for some leads, you can club them under Static Lists.

static list

Customizable Filters

EngageBay offers a host of free filters that can help you sort your contacts easily. You can look for contacts that have been emailed for certain deals, or contacts clubbed under one or more company tags, and so on. What’s even cooler is that you can modify all these filters and add any of your own, so you can sort your contacts in many ways and improve your outreach.


Marketing Automation for Groups

EngageBay adds new features and tools regularly, so there’s never any limit to what you can do. Group your contacts, set up smart lists, automate the adding and removing of new contacts from lists or groups. Then, create automations for SMS and email campaigns, newsletter correspondence, regular updates, and canned responses. Use smart new tools and target the right groups of prospects quicker.


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