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Synopsis: About IN Business Ninjas

Business Ninjas was set up with one goal in mind: to help businesses unleash the power of LinkedIn and use it to drive marketing and sales. Based in Manchester, England, Business Ninjas generate exceptional conversations from LinkedIn by allowing businesses to target prospects and communicate with audiences directly.

We help businesses unlock the full power of LinkedIn by reaching out to thousands of highly targeted potential prospects. We then connect and engage through authentic and value-added messages leading to warmed-up, pre-qualified leads.

Industry type: Digital

Company size: 6-10 people

Location: Manchester, England.

Year established: 2018

What started as humble beginnings soon became a fast-evolving platform for companies targeting LinkedIn’s vast B2B network.

In no time, customers were flooding in, and manually keeping track of everything was a big no-no. Thus their quest for a CRM solution that can help manage their huge contact database began.

Initially, they opted for HubSpot – the pioneer and market leader in the CRM industry.

Challenge: How HubSpot Became Unbearably Expensive

Though HubSpot was a great platform for Business Ninjas, they could leverage the power only when they did things the HubSpot way. The free and affordable plans weren’t nearly enough for their business needs.

Business was booming – we had thousands of new customers every month. Our old ways could not keep up with the staggering numbers.

As Business Ninjas captured and generated more contacts, it was time to upgrade HubSpot to a higher-tiered plan. Their team needed more powerful tools, which were only available in the Enterprise plan.

This move drained their marketing and operational budget. They had to dish out thousands of $$$ every month – a 10X increase in marketing costs.

Annual costs


Onboarding fee


Total cost for the first year


In addition, Business Ninjas were contractually bound with an annual commitment, which meant they had to pay for the whole year even if they wanted to quit the very first month.

HubSpot’s Starter plan was not enough for our massive operation. We decided to upgrade to the Enterprise plan in line with our needs – and boy, weren’t we in for the shock of our lives!

The sheer cost of using the platform prompted Business Ninjas to search for a more affordable alternative.

Solution: How EngageBay Helped Reduce Marketing Costs by 82%

Business Ninjas’ search for a suitable alternative spanned several weeks: they needed a platform that had the features their team already utilized but without the massive price tag.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of their search was to find an integrated all-in-one CRM solution to unify all their teams and achieve a 360-degree view of their customers.

Soon, the costs spiraled out of control. It was crystal-clear: we needed an alternative, and fast. It took us a while to land on a solution, but we liked EngageBay the most.

And the search ended with EngageBay.

EngageBay offered most of the enterprise-level features HubSpot had and fulfilled Business Ninjas' greatest need: affordability. They immediately fell in love with the platform and – within days – were able to migrate data and onboard their team to the platform (for free).

This move helped them cut their marketing costs by an unbelievable 82%!

HubSpot first-year cost


EngageBay first-year cost


Cost saved moving to EngageBay


We were initially skeptical to go with Engagebay as the pricing and promises were too good to be true. Also, their free plan had limited features. So we took a free limited-period trial of the Pro plan and soon realized that Engagebay was spot-on: it had features similar to HubSpot, and for that reason, EngageBay pricing seemed incredibly affordable.

As Business Ninjas mainly dealt with B2B entities, their needs included account-based marketing, conversational inboxes, A/B testing, social media management, and more. EngageBay offered all these and more in a unified platform.

Result: A Bigger, More Profitable Brand

Business Ninjas’ transition was complete: they found a platform with similar features, better pricing, powerful integrations, and above all, a solution that helped them evolve into a more profitable brand.

EngageBay is an absolute gem. We were able to drastically scale down marketing and operational costs without affecting revenue. In fact, the cost saved was invested in other areas, making the business more profitable.

Conclusion: Sound’s Too Good To Be True?

Reach out to us, and we’ll show you exactly how it’s possible to save more than 80% of costs when you move to EngageBay.

We are more than happy to work with you and convert your expenditure into investments.

Hear from other small business users as they share their success stories:

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