EngageBay's Email A/B Testing (Split Testing) Feature

A/B Testing Emails For Best Results.

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Reducing Bounce Rates With Email AB Testing

The bounce rate of an email campaign is one of the most defining metrics to be tracked. The email subject line is crucial. With Email A/B testing, you can test multiple variations of an email with different subject lines till you find the best possible variant. This improves user experience, getting visitors to open your email and consequently reducing bounce rates.

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Enjoy Enhanced Click-Through Rates

With EngageBay's Email AB testing, you can also send out two different versions of body content for your email. The test will help you identify the better performer of the two that produces a better click-through rate, thus allowing you to determine the one that engages your audience more, and then working with that version.

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A/B Testing (Split Testing) For Images

Images express better and speak volumes. But once again, there is no way to identify that one right image to send to your subscribers in your email. With EngageBay's A/B Testing tool, you can test two separate images that you feel your audience may find attractive and then use the one that generates the higher click-through rate.

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Automating The A/B Testing Email Process

EngageBay's Email A/B Testing feature allows you to automate tests and be free of manual repetition. Pre-set the criteria around which you would like to measure different campaigns by, and let EngageBay's email marketing automation take care of the rest. Free yourself for your other core tasks with automated A/B Email Testing.

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