Get deep insights into your support system using EngageBay's helpdesk reports

Measure any metric you wish to and improve the productivity of your support agents instantly.

helpdesk reports

Advanced helpdesk reports to provide meaningful insights.

Get real-time reports on the overall performance of your support team and monitor them better. Get metrics of tickets that are solved, unassigned or pending at any instant of time. Streamline your customer support operations. These reports help you to make strategic decisions and give a clear overview of the support process.

Simple but holistic reporting

Get a complete grasp of your support processes and numbers using our powerful reporting module. All the data you require to make meaningful decisions is available at your fingertips. Slice and dice the data in as many ways as you want. Draw meaningful insights and streamline support process and boost efficiency.

holistic reporting in engagebay

Customize the reports your way

Create customized reports using different criteria and generate metrics needed to improve your customer support. Understand how your agents are engaging with customers and continuously optimize response time. With our custom reporting, see in real-time how the team is performing against set goals.

Customize the reports in engagebay

Report every metric

From hourly tickets to the number of chat sessions per day, get all possible metrics to create an awesome customer service report. Know how quickly your support team is responding to your customers and set average response time goals. See all your tickets, agents and groups that these tickets are assigned, right in your dashboard. Manage your data constantly with advanced analytics, metrics, and reports for more continuous growth.

In the long run, having complete visibility over your support operations enhances customer service. We at EngageBay understand that every business is unique and needs there own combination of reports. We have up come with a unique solution of creating customized reports to draw meaningful insights and streamline support process and boost efficiency.

Report every metric in engagebay
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