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Helpdesk reporting metrics can help your small business deliver world-class customer support. Try EngageBay for a wide range of sales helpdesk tools and unified, deep data analysis.

helpdesk reports

Advanced helpdesk reports to provide meaningful insights.

Get real-time reports on the overall performance of your support team and monitor them better. Get metrics of tickets that are solved, unassigned or pending at any instant of time. Streamline your customer support operations. These reports help you to make strategic decisions and give a clear overview of the support process.

Simple but holistic reporting

If you’re getting a little worried about the service data pile-up, you’ve landed at the right place. EngageBay helps make data analysis super simple with its holistic reports for a large variety of metrics. Instead of sorting through a jungle of spreadsheets, use our free helpdesk reports and get a 360-degree view of where your sales and service reps stand against their goals.

holistic reporting in engagebay

Customizable helpdesk reports

With EngageBay’s customizable helpdesk reports, you can club or filter any service data from any module. Customize your helpdesk reports easily: there’s no learning curve with EngageBay. This software is designed with enough features for experts to never tire of playing around with, and enough simplicity for beginners to waste no time getting started.

Customize the reports in engagebay

Visual reports for clarity

Business data can get overwhelming as you keep on adding customers. Use EngageBay’s visualization for your helpdesk reports and transform them into simple charts. Pick any kind of visualization you like, and EngageBay will condense all your service data for complete clarity. Understand your service performance, optimize your strategies, and deliver world-class customer support.

Visual report in engagebay
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