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Follow up with your site visitors in real-time at the precise moment when they are most engaged.

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Share Important Updates With EngageBay's Site Messaging

Be heard by your web visitors. They love to hear from you too. Whether you have something to announce, share an update or simply say 'Hello' and welcome them and guide them on your site, site messaging is your go-to feature. Put a site message on the pages relevant to your announcement/update.

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Lead Qualification With EngageBay's Site Messaging

Communicate with your leads when they are most engaged on your site. It helps to know if your leads are interested. A site message with a call to action can help communicate with you better and subsequently qualify leads.

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Personalize & Convert With Individual Messaging

With EngageBay's Site Messaging feature, add a human touch to your communication and let them know you're happy to walk them through. Deliver the right message at the right time and at their moment-of-intent. Choose colors, icons, layouts, and imagery that fit with your brand. And target messages to individual contacts based on the data you’ve collected. What's more, with a strong call-to-action, encourage them to buy at the moment they are most engaged.

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