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Measure every key CRM metric required for improving business performance.

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Dashboard Customization

Create customized dashboards for the customer metrics in CRM that you need to analyze and generate relevant reports for the parameters you choose. Enjoy precise and accurate data. Use the CRM system metrics to identify trends and implement corrective measures to achieve optimal results for your business.

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Visual Single-View Deal Management

Use EngageBay's CRM reporting feature to analyze trends across all of the EngageBay tools you use. Make the most of the readily available standardized dashboards for your tools that allow you to generate CRM and marketing activity reports. Slice and dice the data to generate custom reports to view exactly what you want.

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Deal Reports

Let the CRM metrics allow you to receive insights on your journey through the deal funnel and estimate the time taken to move deals from one stage to another. Effect necessary changes based on these visual clues and empower your team to deliver better results each time.

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Growth Graphs

Generate reports using EngageBay's powerful crm metrics reporting service to identify the successful growth points against leads and conversion goals. With the help of these CRM metrics, gain insights on how you performed and implemented necessary changes to scale. For the best CRM reporting, let EngageBay see you through.

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Reports Automation

Schedule the automatic delivery of reports to your mailbox based on your needs and avoid the hassle of manually generating reports. Share the best metrics for CRM with the concerned stakeholders for them to act on.

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