Mailgun Integration With EngageBay

Mailgun integration with engagebay

Use your Mailgun account to send all your marketing emails from EngageBay.

How to Setup Mailgun Integration

Go to Integrations in Preferences

After logging into your EngageBay account, access Mailgun integration option from Preferences > Integrations menu as shown in the image.

accessing Mailgun integration in engagebay

Select Mailgun Option

Select Mailgun from the many email gateway options available.

Mailgun as email provider

Enter Mailgun Key

Locate your Mailgun API key by logging into your Mailgun account. Enter the key in EngageBay settings screen and click Save. We will authenticate the key with Mailgun and confirm. After this step, you can send email in EngageBay using Mailgun gateway.

configure Mailgun account in engagebay
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