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What is an AMP Email?

Learn more about AMP emails and discover how to send them with the EngageBay marketing platform

What is an AMP Email?

AMP email uses a framework that utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to embed interactive elements into an email. You can add a carousel, purchase buttons, accordions, and more. It allows you to make your content more dynamic.

It helps in providing a webpage-like experience in an email message itself without needing to open a tab to visit a website. For instance, users can directly fill and submit a form in an email or respond to an event’s invitation.

The Importance of AMP Email

This technology helps attract attention with appealing email campaigns. Let us look at the different advantages of using AMP Email.

Provides a Rich Web page-like Experience
  • Earlier, an email was only restricted to static content. That means email designers could only play around with the fonts, pictures, and placement of texts.

  • However, with the introduction of AMP emails, you can now embed interactive elements that are typically available on web pages. It includes event invitations, form fill-up, carousels, answering a poll, etc. AMP emails provide your subscribers a more web page-like experience.

Keeps Content Dynamically Updated
  • Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels but it can get repetitive. Every time there’s a new update, you need to send out a fresh campaign. AMP email intends to automatically update the content with new information. In other words, the mail content gets auto-populated with live updates of the time when the subscriber opens the mail.

Gives You a Competitive Edge
  • Not many marketers are taking advantage of AMP technology as of yet. Use it to interact with your users and create long-lasting relationships with them.

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