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What is a Calendar?

Find out how integrating a Calendar in EngageBay can improve your scheduling and time management practices

Calendar Definition

Organize your daily schedule, plan important events, and track deadlines with a calendar. Calendar can be a great tool for businesses to enhance productivity. This feature makes it easier to track time management and team coordination.

Use EngageBay to Streamline Your Time Management

EngageBay has a calendar function that helps you organize your work to prevent missed deadlines and overlooked tasks. With EngageBay's calendar, you can:

  • See your schedule, set up events, and check all your appointments.

  • Check all the appointments set up by customers using the online appointment scheduler.

  • Allows you to sync your Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar to see all events associated with those calendars on your EngageBay Calendar.

Create New Events & Share With Your Team

To create a new event:

  • i. Click the New Event button on the top right

  • ii. Enter the details of the Event.

To share your calendar with your team members:

  • i. Click the Share Calendar button on the top right.

  • ii. Select the users you want to share with.

  • iii. Click the Save button.

You can also create a group calendar and configure the event manually.

View Team Member Events & Tasks With EngageBay’s Calendar

To view your team member events on the calendar

  • i. Click on the username on the left panel.

  • ii. Select the user.

You can find all the events associated with the user.

EngageBay Events: To view EngageBay events on the calendar, enable the option

EngageBay Tasks: To view EngageBay tasks on the calendar, enable the option

Add Google Calendar: You can add your Google Calendar using this button

Add Office 365 Calendar: You can add your Office 365 Calendar using this button

If you need help creating a calendar, contact us for more information.

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