What is Asana?

Asana is a customizable workplace content management system (CMS) that is designed to help a wide range of companies achieve their organizational needs. More plainly, it's an advanced organizational tool to help streamline projects.

What is EngageBay?

EngageBay is an all-in-one CRM that provides marketing, sales, and support so that you can easily attract leads and convert them into customers. It offers CRM, helpdesk, live chat software, and marketing automation tools to speed up your business.

EngageBay-Asana Integration Features

Enhance Your EngageBay Contacts’ Information
Empower your team with complete deal details

With the EngageBay-Asana integration, your sales team will be able to collaborate seamlessly with other teams in your organization that are using Asana and optimize their time well with Asana's award-winning Project Management features.

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Create tasks/projects directly from within EngageBay

Set up new Asana tasks and projects directly from the EngageBay deal view screen. You can either create a task or a project and select the relevant details that need to be added to it from the deal.

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Create Asana tasks automatically

Seamlessly connect the Asana teams in your organization to your EngageBay sales team by automating the Asana task creation process. With the EngageBay-Asana integration, you can select default assignees and adjust the details that need to be included in the tasks.

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Track the productivity of your sales reps

Link EngageBay CRM software with Asana’s project management app to measure how productively your reps complete tasks to close deals. Save time by creating automations that organize each deal’s “to dos” in Asana, set task due dates and assign dependencies to team members.

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Improve collaboration across your organization

Discourage information silos within your organization and foster a collaborative environment. Exchange information between Asana and EngageBay and keep data between various departments in sync. Generate tasks when a deal is won or lost and keep communication flowing with mentions and file sharing..

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Track team communication, don’t allow any detail to slip through

With so many activities such as calls with new leads, follow-ups, email marketing, etc., it’s easy for important action items to slip through the cracks. EngageBay stores contact history against deals and Asana keeps a list of “to do” items for each new project, so everything gets done and recorded.

Key Features

Automate to-do lists easily

Communicate more effectively

Assign follow-ups efficiently

Identify your reps’ productivity

Track team performance and activity metrics

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Getting Started with Asana Integration

Asana is a work tracking and collaboration tool. Using Asana we can create tasks in projects. Organize projects , check progress and discuss work at one single location. With the Asana integration users can create tasks, view workspaces, projects, assignees and status in Asana.

Configuration: You can configure the Asana integration in your EngageBay application by following the steps below:

Login to EngageBay Application

Login to the EngageBay application using your credentials.


Account Settings

After logging in on the top right corner of the page, you can see the profile picture icon. Click on the icon and you will see a drop-down menu with a list. Select the “Account Settings” option from the menu.



After clicking on “Account Settings”, you can see the Account Settings page. On the left side panel, you can see a list. Click on “Integrations” and also select the ‘Other’ tab to see all the available integrations including Asana with the ‘Enable’ button below.

Once you click on enable, the integration will be enabled. Thereafter, we will be redirected to the EngageBay marketing dashboard.


Settings and Disable

After the integration is done, you will see a tick mark along with the ‘Settings’ button and the ‘Disable’ button at the bottom as shown above.



Under ‘Marketing’, select ‘Campaigns’ and then select ‘Automations’



In the automations, select when a task has to be created in Asana (eg: I have added a tag, and a task is automatically created in Asana).

The tag will be added as shown below.



Now press the (+) icon and under ‘Action’ select ‘Contact’ . Now you can add a new Asana task from the panel.


Assignees or users

After selecting the workspace from the drop-down list, the Assignees or users and projects of that workspace will be fetched as shown below.


Assignees and projects

Next you can select the Assignees and projects in which you want to create the task .


Assignee status

You can name the task, select an Assignee status from the drop-down, describe the task that you want to reflect in your Asana workspace. You can select multiple projects or you can select a single project in which you want to create the task.


Add Action

Once you hit the ‘Add Action’ button after submitting all the details, a node will be generated as shown below.



So,once the overall automation process is completed and you hit ‘Save’ on the top right corner and your tag is triggered, then a task will be created in your Asana.

As you can see, once I add a tag in my Contact, an event will be triggered in the automatons and a relevant task will be created in Asana.


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