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Mailjet Integration Overview

Save time on administrative tasks and close more deals using automations for specific activities. Increase your chances of conversion by targeting your lead with a personalized email at just the right moment. Automation with Mailjet enhances your team’s performance and ensures your team doesn’t miss out on any lead.

With the EngageBay - Mailjet Integration, you can:

  • Automatically register hard bounces and update customer records
  • Plan your email campaigns optimally
  • Convert clicks into orders with advanced tracking

EngageBay-Mailjet Integration Features

Track email engagement actionably

With the EngageBay-Mailjet integration, track what subscribers do after they visit your website from your emails. All of the data will be passed on to your EngageBay CRM.

Identify subscribers who are engaging with your website

With the EngageBay-Mailjet integration, track how mailing list subscribers are engaging with your website and take the high intent ones to the next stage of your funnel. Identify high intent leads and turn them into customers.

Score leads based on website and email engagement

Track each and every activity of your leads on your website and emails and score them using rule-based lead scoring. Transfer the data to your EngageBay CRM in real-time to help your sales reps prioritize the right prospects.

Send highly targeted email marketing campaigns

Send personalized and targeted email campaigns in accordance with your lead’s profile, activities, and deal stage on the pipeline. Create campaigns that really engage your leads and push them predictably through the purchasing process with the EngageBay-Mailjet integration.


Mailjet connects and integrates with these EngageBay features

Contacts Contact Lists Contact Activity
Drip Campaigns Email Sequences Automation Workflows
Lead Scoring Activity Logs
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