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SMSCountry Integration Overview

Streamline your communication by utilizing the SMSCountry and EngageBay integration for sending SMS messages. Enhance engagement with your contacts through personalized, targeted SMS strategies, leveraging the capabilities of EngageBay for sending SMS from Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tasks, and through automations and workflows.

With the EngageBay - SMSCountry Integration, you can:

  • Send SMS for notifications, reminders, or marketing directly from EngageBay CRM.
  • Use EngageBay to automate and customize your SMS.
  • Track SMS success with advanced tools.
  • Ensure your message lands with reliable delivery.

EngageBay-SMSCountry Integration Features

One-click SMS

Efficiently send SMS messages from your EngageBay CRM with a simple click. Avoid the hassle of juggling between applications and enhance your communication strategy.

Personalized Messaging & Tracking

Craft personalized SMS messages using the data from your EngageBay CRM, including Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tasks. Automations allow for tailored messages, and responses are logged for each contact, facilitating a deeper understanding of engagement levels.

Segmentation & Targeted Communication

Easily segment your audience within EngageBay CRM to ensure your SMS messages resonate with the recipient's preferences and actions.

Automation & Workflow Integration

Incorporate SMS sending capabilities into your automated workflows for a streamlined process, from appointment reminders to task notifications, directly within EngageBay CRM.

Manage appointments efficiently

Using automations in EngageBay CRM, you can set up appointment confirmations, updates, and reminders in a workflow, so you never have to worry about them.

Analytics & Insights

Leverage SMSCountry's detailed delivery reports within EngageBay CRM to gauge the effectiveness of your SMS communication efforts, allowing for data-driven adjustments and optimizations.


SMSCountry connects and integrates with these EngageBay features

Automation Workflows
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