How to make a landing page that converts in 2019

If you aren’t using landing pages to help sell your products or services, you could be missing out on countless potential customers. Let’s go over how to make a landing page that has a high conversion rate because there’s more to it than many people initially realize.

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The benefits of landing pages for small businesses


Improved lead management and nurturing




Enhanced targeting and personalization


Seamless campaign execution and tracking


Increase efficiency and productivity

Build beautiful landing pages to convert leads

Easily build your landing page in minutes with simple drag and drop operations.

Drag and drop designer

Build responsive landing pages using the easiest drag and drop designer. Choose colors, fonts and elements styles to suit your needs. Every element on the landing page is customizable, providing lot of flexibility and options.

drag and drop designer landing page in engagebay

SEO settings for your landing page

You can set your page’s meta title, description and keywords through the Settings tab. You can also set an event action when a visitor subscribes. Enabling double opt-in is also an option.

SEO options for landing pages

Monitor your landing pages' performance

Once your landing pages are live, you could easily monitor how they perform. You will see basic information like number of visitors, how many subscribed if your set a form and the conversation rate.

Metrics for landing pages

Landing Page Guide

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Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages

It used to be that a company’s website had only a few simple pages to it. A homepage, an about page, a page to list your products, and a blog were the essentials.

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How to Make Landing Pages Work for Your Small Business?

One of the most important metrics that marketers track is engagement. Whether you want to call it on-ground marketing or experiential marketing, it is intended to bring customers into the company experience.

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How to Choose the Right Landing Page Template?

As you’ve learned from the first two chapters of our landing page guide, there are many kinds of landing pages available for businesses. For instance, you might make a landing page to draw attention to an upcoming event, to drive sales to a product or service, to boost traffic...

future of marketing automation

Driving Traffic to Your Landing Page

In Chapter 3, we talked about making a great template for your landing page. You’ve followed the advice offered in that chapter and designed a landing page you’re pretty proud of.

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Recipes for Creating the Perfect Landing Page

In the previous chapters of this guide, we have covered the different types of landing page templates we can use. We have also explained how to drive traffic to your landing page.

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Landing Page Best Practices

With the help of the first five chapters of this guide, we've tried to give you a better understanding of what a landing page is and why you need one. We've also gone over the best types of pages for your business, including templates so you can make landing pages...

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Landing Page Blog Posts

Build Incisive Lead Capture Landing Pages

How to Build Incisive Lead Capture Landing Pages

Also, write landing page copy that’s clear, crisp, and benefits-focused. Find/design the relevant media for your landing page.

High-Converting Lead Capture Landing Pages

Ultimate Insights For High-Converting Lead Capture Landing Pages

A lead magnet is a piece of digital content in a format suitable for the company to produce and the audience to consume.

How to Make a Landing Page

How to Make a Landing Page That Actually Converts

In this case, your landing page needs to give them an idea of what kind of material you send out and what they stand to gain from it.

Sync Your Email Marketing And Your Landing Pages

10 Ways to Sync Your Email Marketing And Your Landing Pages

Since Engagebay is an Integrated Automation Software, all the information collected through the landing page is synced with email accounts in the database.

boost conversions with landing pages and email marketing

How to boost conversions with landing pages and email marketing

A great email marketing campaign is one thing. But if conversions are what you want, then you need to look beyond them.

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